YouTube's Campaign to Empower Girls Everywhere [VIDEO]

#DearMe is trending for International Women's Day.

Mar 8, 2015

March 8 marks International Women's Day - a yearly celebration of women's achievements and gender equality. Among a host of events and campaigns in 2015 - including an online discussion with Emma Watson - is this inspiring social media campaign from YouTube, #DearMe. In an effort to ease the hardships of growing up, YouTube is encouraging women to share their wisdom, in the form of a video message to their teenage selves. Each video starts with two words - Dear Me.
In the introduction video, a number of confident, happy young women talk about socializing, body image and self identity, urging younger girls to embrace who they are. The #DearMe hashtag is trending across the web, as thousands of women add their voices to this empowering chorus.
What wisdom would you share with your teenage self?

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