Zen Hospice Project Faces Life's Biggest Fear Head First

Be fully present at all stages of life

May 1, 2017

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The San Francisco-based Zen Hospice Project is a non-profit organization that faces one of life's most difficult - if not the most difficult - challenge: Death. And it does so with grace, understanding, compassion and humility.

It has one common goal in mind, and that is to provide people who are at the end of their lives with the same thought, support and effort that we do for those who are in the beginning and middle of their lives - offering the best possible transition for those who have given life their all.

They host a unique program called Mindful Caregiver Education, which also trains and educates hundreds of family and professional caregivers to provide an end of life experience that entails the utmost of communication and care. The Zen Hospice Project is also shifting the dialogue of death as being a fearful, dark place to one that celebrates life, bringing the very conflicted conversation out into the open.

If it's true that we fear most what we don't know, then death must be highest on the spectrum of dreaded thoughts in this universal experience that is part of all life. The Zen Hospice Project is not only a platform of discussing this spectrum and normalizing it, but most importantly, it is putting this profoundly meaningful and heartening conversation into action.

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