The Zen-Like Bear That Teaches Kids About Yoga and Meditation

The Meddy Teddy introduces children to spirituality and yoga at a young age.

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The Meddy Teddy, deep in meddytation

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Research has proven that daily meditation is a key focal point in developing a deeper sense of self-awareness, mindfulness and ultimately - happiness. Teaching children about such abstract, yet core, necessary concepts in life is a challenge for most, and that's how Meddy Teddy came to be.

A kid's first friend, and one of the most comforting aspects of childhood is often his teddy bear. While travelling in India, Thom Jordan came up with the idea of an enlightened, meditating teddy bear that could introduce children to spirituality and yoga at a young age. Jordan’s family all contributed to bringing Meddy Teddy to life - from sourcing materials to craft a bendable teddy bear that could do yoga poses, to creating Meddytations: short, fun meditations with important messages that kids can easily digest. For example, the Bearmaste Tummy Meddytation: “To focus on your breathing, place Meddy Teddy on your tummy for three minutes. Watch Meddy go up and down as you mindfully breathe.”

The flexible, zen-like bear is already a social media star, with close to 14,500 followers on Instagram - a cute, cuddly way to spread the message of awareness and calm.

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