We all love doing things as a group. Like with a lot of experiences, it's not what you do – it’s the people you do it with that matters more.
At Crowdtilt, we’re trying to make it easier for groups to do things together. Whether it’s a party-bus to the next Phish show or pooling money for a cause you know your close friends are passionate about – we just want to make that process of grouping those funds as easy as possible.

Change Heroes

Change Heroes is a friend-funding platform that enables anyone to raise $10,000 to build a school with Free the Children. Our mission is to one day see a world where every child has access to free education. Want to help us change the world?


Collabogive is an online fundraising platform built to empower individuals and social cause groups to do more good. From creating your campaign, to promoting your cause, and collecting money to reach your goal, Collabogive gives you the tools you need to make a difference all within a single platform that is supported by a passionate community committed to the greater good.


Goodpin lets you: give to causes you care about, increase your impact with friends and brands, track your impact over time, see good happening around you right now. Fuel the virtuous cycle. Seeing good fuels more good.




GoGetFunding is a crowdfunding website that lets you raise money for anything that matters to you. From personal causes and events to projects and more. We’ve helped people from all over the world raise millions online. is geared towards creating a more consistent member engagement for non-profits and communities, by organizing good deed projects. This typically increases donations, and promotes single acts of kindness. The website can be used by non-profits, community leaders, celebrities, or any other individual who wants to organize a good deed campaign.


kriticalmass is a social impact platform that aims to make ‘powering good’ easy, impactful and exciting for everyone. We see the opportunity for crowdfunding to extend beyond just finding funds and believe in a holistic approach to crafting success stories. We do this by finding and attracting amazing ideas, stories and people, then enabling them to connect not only with funders, but skilled volunteers and well-aligned brands as well.


Kriticalmass, Crowdfunding


Barnraiser is a crowd-funding community that allows a simple way for Americans to take charge of their food destiny. From healthy and artisanal foods to community kitchens to educational and organic farms, Barnraiser is a place to meet the people that are making a difference, share their inspirational stories, and fund their successes.

Red Basket

Red Basket is a free crowdfunding website on which individuals & community groups can share their stories, recruit volunteers & raise money. The platform is for people wishing to raise money for personal causes due to a medical condition, accident, act of nature or natural disaster or raise funds & recruit volunteers for community improvement projects. 

Raise Hope is a crowdfunding site for everyday people to raise money for life events, personal pursuits, community initiatives & worthy causes. - the crowdfunding site for social good!

A Dollar Campaign

A Dollar Campaign is a charity whose mission is to fund research for pediatric cancer. We believe that we we will find the cure “one dollar at a time.” Along with our mission, we also strive to inspire doers, thinkers, and givers. 


Kutoa is about people everywhere helping people everywhere, because people everywhere matter. Through the pooling of micro-donations ($1/month), Kutoa members get a vote for where all the money collected should go each month. It’s easy, affordable and together Kutoa members are making a difference.


50/50 is a collaborative experiment. The platform supports dozens of digital challenges, each one created and run by passionate volunteers. As well as raising funds for famine aid, each project aims to engage a network of supporters to help spread the word. The brainchild of Good for Nothing andMade by Many, 50/50 is open to everyone. All funds go directly to UNICEF


MoneyCircle provides an affordable and fully-managed way to crowdfund loans among friends and family. This allows an entire population to easily and affordably access capital they would not have been able to otherwise and obtain the education to continue moving further into other traditional financial services.

Micro Giving

Founded in 2007, the Micro Giving Foundation started with the basic concept of connecting people who have financial resources with people in need, also known as crowd funding. Since its founding, the organization has built an online community of over 50,000 people, expanding rapidly and constantly looking for growth opportunities in the world of philanthropy and fundraising.