Designed To Move

DESIGNED TO MOVE is a new report that: makes a powerful case for urgent investment in physical activity and lays out a simple plan for collective action. Over 70 expert organizations from the field of physical activity were involved in developing this report. We are trying to enable and inspire a collective and unified approach to end the growing epidemic of physical inactivity. Our vision is of future generations running, jumping, and kicking to reach their greatest potential.


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KaBOOM! is the national non-profit dedicated to bringing balanced and active play into the daily lives of all kids, particularly those growing up in poverty in America.


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Health Without Borders Foundations

The Health Without Borders Foundation (Fundacion Salud Sin Fronteras) is an established health care organization providing healthcare to the less fortunate in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. We have served over 2 million patients in 14 years in our 16 clinic sites in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Peru. We also offer two volunteering programs for Pre-med , Dental, and Nursing students. 


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MASS Design Group

MASS Design Group operates under the belief that buildings can heal. By using innovative design and an immersive research process, we look at the contextual problems facing the specific communities we work in and produce design interventions that will improve health and economic outcomes. We work to reduce the spread of disease within health care environments, and we aim to create new job opportunities and markets by carefully selecting materials and construction methods that utilize the resources of the surrounding community. MASS delivers maximum impact design through a process that can be universally applied.


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Bridges to Prosperity

Bridges to Prosperity provides isolated communities with access to essential health care, education and economic opportunities by building footbridges over impassable rivers.


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Tabtics is a Chrome extension that helps you improve on health & productivity by raising awareness through brief contextual tips. We’re using the Web a lot nowadays and for a lot of people, opening up new tabs is one of the things they do quite often. We should also acknowledge that more and more people have desk jobs and have a difficulty to stay healthy. With Tabtics we want you to get a little heads-up on your health and productivity everytime you open up a new tab. We help you with some tailored health & productivity tips or motivational quotes every time you open up a new tab.


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Mimi Hearing Test

The Mimi Hearing Test, which is ranked #1 hearing test in the app store provides a full overview of one's hearing age and profile for free. 


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Mimi Music

Do you have hearing difficulties? Do you love sound? Constantly searching for the best? Mimi personalizes sound and music for your unique needs. Enjoy a new and extraordinary listening experience. 


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Empower 2 Play

Empower 2 Play is a non-profit organization that seeks to empower under-resourced communities through athletics, life skills development and economic resources for the purposes of improving children's social and economic mobility. Our mission is to identify high achieving students by introducing an unfamiliar sport. We believe that provided the resources and the opportunity, each child has the ability to reach their dreams.


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iPrevail is a health care technology company that builds and delivers systematic online behavioral health programs designed to allow users to overcome mental health issues at their own pace. Founded to help address high-profile behavioral health issues across diverse populations, iPrevail has collaborated with the National Science Foundation and leading mental health researchers and clinicians to develop a novel program model that provides evidence-based “early interventions” to individuals who otherwise would not engage with traditional avenues for care.



Let's Move!

Let’s Move! is a comprehensive initiative, launched by the First Lady, dedicated to solving the problem of obesity within a generation, so that children born today will grow up healthier and able to pursue their dreams. Combining comprehensive strategies with common sense, Let’s Move! is about putting children on the path to a healthy future during their earliest months and years. Giving parents helpful information and fostering environments that support healthy choices. Providing healthier foods in our schools. Ensuring that every family has access to healthy, affordable food. And, helping children become more physically active.


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Burning Nights

Burning Nights is a charity which aims to promote awareness of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and to provide a support network for people living with this chronic condition. The organisation was founded by CRPS sufferer Victoria Abbott-Fleming, who is passionate about generating awareness of CRPS and supporting others who suffer from the condition.


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RehabNet is a non-profit organization with a mission to educate and provide assistance to seniors struggling addiction as well as caregivers and family members with concerns. Its primary objective is to effectively halt the growing silent epidemic of senior addiction.


RehabNet, Addiction, Elderly, Senior Citizens - Help for Seniors with Addiction

RehabNet is a non-profit organization with a mission to educate and provide assistance to seniors struggling addiction as well as caregivers and family members with concerns. Its primary objective is to effectively halt the growing silent epidemic of senior addiction.


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Nutrino is the first nutritional coach that uses personal and medical profile, goals and culinary preferences to create healthy dietary plans tailored just for you. Nutrino adapts to you in real-time, continuously improving its recommendations based on your daily routine. 


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