Cold Spring Apothecary

Cold Spring Apothecary’s goal is to provide our customers with the safest alternatives to the harmful chemicals used in most cosmetics. By producing our products in small batches we can ensure that only the highest quality ingredients are used. We are continually researching and adding to our ingredient list making sure we are using the best and latest green alternative ingredients we can.


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Operation Inside Out

Operation Inside Out offers motivational goods that help people strive fearlessly to become the best version of themselves. But it's inspiration... with a twist. Inspiring posters and mugs feature messages that turn common negative words like "DOUBT" and "OBSTACLE" into positive acronyms. Through wordplay and the power of irony, their inspiring products are designed to help people reverse negativity to find power within their challenges. And 10% of every purchase goes to one or more nonprofits that embody the spirit of the acronym.


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Wren + Glory

Wren + Glory has partnered with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to bring you a limited edition capsule collection. Designed with the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, all pieces are made of brass and plated in 18k gold or white gold. The sound wave not only represents the logo, but also the gift of hearing that we often take for granted. Gloria & Renee, designing sisters behind the jewelry brand, have first hand understanding of this. Their dad was born with a major hearing deficiency, and has worn hearing aids his entire life. 


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KeepCup is the first barista standard reusable cup. KeepCups have thermal properties similar to paper so they are not a thermos. Replicating the functionailty of disposable cups. KeepCups are splashproof, not a sealed container. KeepCups are BPA free and non-toxic.


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Our ECOlunchbox kits are hewn from non-toxic materials used safely for generations. We offer BPA-free stainless steel lunchboxes & machine washable cotton lunchbags. 


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Ladyfingers Letterpress

Ladyfingers Letterpress is more than just a printshop. As designers, artists and craftspeople, we bring our trained expertise, visionary approach and our creative passion into every project. We see each new invitation as an opportunity to craft something truly personalized and unique to your event. 


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L. is a condom company with a cause; to support women globally by focusing on sexual empowerment. We create the highest quality condoms for the modern consumer: in safety, comfort and design. Our brand represents a movement for consumers' choice to support better sex, a better cause and a better world. Core to our mission, L. partners with development organizations to support women and HIV prevention. For every condom that's purchased, one is distributed in a developing country. 


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The Brave Collection

Our bracelets say “Klahan” (Klaa-han) which means “Brave” in “Khmer” (Khem-eye), the language of Cambodia. Inspired by the Bravery of sexual trafficking survivors, The Brave Collection was born out of a desire to wash away the taboo associations with such a sensitive subject matter, and create a catalyst for people to communicate about the reality of modern day slavery. Our team includes fair-trade Cambodian metalsmiths, New York tastemakers and LA hipsters. Together we can fight the wave of cruelty that is destroying the lives of women and children, from Phnom Penh to Manhattan.


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LSTN Headphones

For every pair of headphones purchased, LSTN gives the gift of hearing to a child in a deaf school. LSTN has partnered with global charities (including Sound Seekers) that provide hearing for the underprivileged. Taking mobile clinics to small villages, they custom fit hearing aids for children in deaf schools and treat them on the spot.  
Our unique wooden chambers are a huge contributor to the warm and natural sound of LSTN headphones – they produce much better resonance than plastic or metal. LSTN is also environmentally friendly – we aren't out chopping down trees to create our products. The wood we use for our headphones is upcycled - we reclaim exotic leftover scrap woods from furniture makers that would have been thrown in a landfill. All of the wood is legally harvested through licenses with local government.


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Bamboo Bottle

Finally, there's a clean, safe and stylish bottle that is made from the practically inexhaustible resources of bamboo and glass. Bamboo gives our bottles style and strength. The glass guarantees safe, clean drinking at all temperatures. Whether you're chugging ice-cold water or sipping on steaming-hot tea, this uber-cool bottle is BPA-free, ensuring no chemicals leach into your drink.


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The Pencil Promise

The Pencil Promise is based on a simple premise: for every backpack you buy, we deliver a backpack- filled with school supplies- to a child in need around the world.


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The KAMMOK is a new light-weight camping hammock, designed to comfortably sleep one person. Our proprietary fabric is softer than a baby's backside, easily stows away into a water resistant compression sack about the size of an angry blowfish, and weighs around one pound. Kammok in partnership with Malaria No More gives a treated mosquito net or health education to a family in Africa to fight malaria. One percent of our revenues are donated to environmental and sustainable initiatives through Comfort the Children International - an organization that works alongside Kenyan communities to provide resources that create sustainable change in Maai Mahiu, Kenya. 


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Naked Binder

Started in 2008, Naked Binder emerged having multiple goals: sustainability, great design, preserving wilderness we love and giving back to education that helped us get here. We designed the strongest, most sustainable 3-ring binders available - cutting waste in manufacturing, processing and travel.  We make our binders, foldersand tabs in Des Moines, IA in the US of A out of FSC certified, 100% post-consumer waste binders board, 100% cotton cloth, a few FSC certified papers and metal rings.  No plastics, vinyls or toxins. 


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The Clarity Project

The Clarity Project is a fair jewelry social enterprise dedicated to improving the quality of life for artisanal miners and their communities. We source only fair diamonds, gems, and metals, create beautiful jewelry, and invest all our profits to build schools and rehabilitate land in mining communities. We make every decision based upon what we believe will bring the most benefit to the miners and their communities.


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The Caliber Collection

The Caliber Collection creates jewelry that sparkles with good intentions. The mission is to create jewelry to be used as a fundraising and marketing tool for non-profiting organizations.


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