Sundara sells high quality, hand made vegan soap free of paraben, sulfates and detergent. A percent of proceeds from every bar sold is donated to hygiene education and infrastructure projects for children around the world. We are currently operating projects in Haiti, Ghana and India

Operation Inside Out

Operation Inside Out offers motivational goods that help people strive fearlessly to become the best version of themselves. But it's inspiration... with a twist. Inspiring posters and mugs feature messages that turn common negative words like "DOUBT" and "OBSTACLE" into positive acronyms. Through wordplay and the power of irony, their inspiring products are designed to help people reverse negativity to find power within their challenges. And 10% of every purchase goes to one or more nonprofits that embody the spirit of the acronym.

Three Avocados

Three Avocados is a non-profit coffee company that was founded in February of 2010 as a creative solution to ending the global water crisis, starting with Uganda. 100% of our net proceeds provide clean water in Uganda, with hopes to expand in the future. We aim to provide coffee lovers with a product that enables them to make a 100% socially responsible choice when purchasing coffee.


Lammily is the first fashion doll made according to real female body proportions. The idea is to help children - girls and boys alike - develop a positive and realistic body image from an early age. As well as a normal physique, Lammily wears regular, casual clothes - like denim shorts and sneakers, so children can make their dolls look just like the real women in their lives.

Lonesome George & Co.

Lonesome George & Co. is a social enterprise organization that combines branded apparel and experiential education to ignite a mind shift towards global interdependence. We outfit agents of change.


The AZIAM Girlz brand is dedicated to teaching girlz to love who they are, as they are. Using the basics of Yoga to teach positive self- and social- awareness, we have designed dolls, clothing, accessories, bags, yoga products, jewelry, headwear, games, programs and books to make the Yoga experience more colorful for our Goddess in Progress.

Saving The World T-shirts

For every item that we sell, we donate between 25%, 50% and even 100% of our profits to registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations that do great things for the world!


Lottie™ is an alternative ‘pro-girl’ doll for children aged 3-8. Lottie is a positive take on childhood – she doesn’t wear make-up, jewellery or high heels and she can stand on her own two feet. She has soft, strokable hair and colourful clothes with high quality, quirky details. Unlike other fashion dolls, Lottie’s body is also properly ‘childlike,' and based upon the proportions of a nine year old girl. Lottie is all about letting children be themselves, not growing up too quickly, and presenting a healthy view on body image.


Bogobrush is the first toothbrush you'll actually care about. It's beautifully designed, ecologically sound, and socially minded; when you buy one, we give one!

Queens of Africa Dolls

The Queens of Africa Dolls is a global initiative aimed at helping African girls develop a positive self-image and self-esteem. Their mission is to make dolls, books, comics, songs and other products that help empower little black girls around the world to embrace their beautiful, natural selves. They aim to act as an agent of cultural diversity, sensitivity and awareness for ALL girls.

EQO Optics

EQO Optics is a small partnership based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We are dedicated to reducing local waste by recycling community-donated skateboards into a high quality & innovative product. Every pair of sunglasses are hand-made & hand-finished from local recycled skateboards, providing a unique and individual look. 
In addition to the eco-friendly & enduring nature of our shades, we keep it classy with the highest quality Carl Zeiss polarized lenses available!


Preloved creates one of a kind clothing from reclaimed vintage fabrics. Our passion is design and our philosophy is sustainability. Attention to fit, comfort and style has been our driving force.

John Patrick Organic

ORGANIC by John Patrick is about fashion with a conscience. It is a clothing line born out of an appreciation and respect for nature, a concern for the world we live in and a desire to give back to the community. ORGANIC is for the chic woman who understands style and luxury but who is also socially aware and genuinely cares about where her clothing comes from and how it's made. 


In a short period of time ONEHOPE Wine has become one of the most recognizable cause brands in the United States of America. The charitable company has grown rapidly over the past three years due to a respected and positive presence in all charitable fields.
ONEHOPE has become the socially conscious wine of choice at several hundred premier events including the Grammy’s, The American Red Cross Gala, the BAFTA’s, Sundance Film Festival and VH1 Save the Music.


PACT is a movement disguised as a clothing company. We are obsessed with a big idea: clothes that make the world a better place. But saving the planet costs money, so we decided to build a business to fund great causes. We started with something basic: socks with soul, altruistic underwear, and other everyday essentials made with fabrics that feel good and go easy on the environment.