100-Year-Old UK Man is Walking to Help Others

Harold Jones has been doing laps in his yard since 2020.


Senior man walking in his yard.

(Ronald Rampsch / Shutterstock.com)

Harold Jones, a 100-year-old WWII veteran From Sutton Coldfield has been walking up to 40 laps in his garden since the beginning of the Covid lockdowns. At first he just walked for exercise. Now, according to the BBC, Jones, who uses a walker, is using his laps to help others after he lost three friends to Motor Neuron Disease (MND). He has raised over £43,000 for charity for the MND Association.

Walking laps
With an initial target of raising £1000, which seemed a lot to Jones when he began, he soon surpassed that. The retired Lance Corporal persevered and walked 41,550 laps around the back of his home. Jones told BBC, “Which amounts only to 661 miles..which is probably like going to Inverness which is 352 miles, and 309 miles on the way back!”

Jones walks in all weather, but he does fewer laps in the rain. He does 20 laps after breakfast and then does 20 more laps after lunch. Jones has walked the equivalent of traveling from his home to Germany.

He thanks his long years in the service for his fitness, according to The Mirror. “The training for the army set up the ability to endure because we endured a lot in the army. Determination and resilience are something you're taught in the army,” Jones told The Mirror.

Inspired by Captain Tom Moore
Jones was inspired by the efforts of Captain Sir Tom Moore who raised funds for the National Health Service during the pandemic. Moore, a 99-year-old veteran walked with the aid of a walker in the garden, and raised a staggering £17 million.

Moore initially planned to walk just 100 laps, but like the energizer bunny, he just kept going, and was knighted for his effort by Queen Elizabeth on July 17, 2020 . The funds that were raised went to 150 NHS charities.

Jones told The Mirror that although he began walking just for exercise, he saw what Moore accomplished and this gave him the idea to raise funds for MND. Jones didn’t expect to walk a greater distance than the captain but he did.

Striving to do more
When Jones reached his initial target  he just kept going, he had no idea how many people would respond to his efforts. When he reached £10,000, a friend doubled it.

Jones received a Points of Light award after the MND association nominated him and Jones told the BBC that he was amazed by the recognition. But giving service to others plays a large role in his faith and in his life. This was a well-deserved honor for a remarkable man.

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