Explore The Benefits of Walking

Walking is much more than just exercise.

Walking is good for you.

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One step in front of the other — It sounds simple enough — but sometimes the best things in life are the simple ones. When you want to feel relaxed and refreshed, fit in a little walking into your day. You’ll enjoy all these amazing benefits of walking for your mind, body, and soul.

Walking boosts creativity
Looking for a way to get your creative juices flowing? Take a walk! A Stanford University study found that 81 percent of participants increased their creativity just by walking. Going for a walk allows your ideas to wander. This can lead to breakthroughs and “ah-ha” moments. In fact, some of the greatest thinkers walked regularly,according to Entrepreneur. Charles Dickens used to walk 30 miles a day to brainstorm for his novels, and Charles Darwin, Steve Jobs and Winston Churchill all enjoyed walking.

Walking may improve heart health
Walking gets your heart pumping, a great way to improve cardiovascular health, according to the the health library at the University of Michigan. While walking, blood circulation increases, which carries more nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. You may also benefit from heart healthy results like lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Walking may also reduce the risk of heart disease, according to the organization Heart.org.

Walking is a type of active meditation
Walking provides an opportunity to connect to the present moment. It’s a type of active meditation, an opportunity to appreciate the miracle of right now. To practice walking meditation, he suggests taking slow, deliberate steps. Take a deep breath and place your foot on the ground. As you exhale, bring awareness as you slowly take the next step. You’ll feel at peace with this calming meditation.

Walking gives you a chance to spend time in nature
Going for a walk outside, you get to enjoy the benefits of spending time in nature. You’ll soak up vitamin D, which helps strengthen bones and may prevent disease. Plus, spending time outdoors may improve sleep, boost your immune system, and helps relieve stress. So, look for parks nearby to stretch your legs, find hiking trails in the woods, or take a nice stroll by the sea.

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