The Redhead Experience on Full Display

I Collect Gingers goes beyond distinct looks


A portrait of a redhead woman.

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Photographer Anthea Pokroy knows a thing or two about being a redhead: belonging to a tiny sliver of the population - just 2% - the South African cherishes the singularity of carrot tops. It’s this singularity that she explores on her photographic project, I Collect Gingers.
The collection of gingers is a showcase of portraits featuring freckled redheads, yet the project goes well beyond gingers' distinct look: as the artist points out, she's found a unique camaraderie among gingers that has led her to explore their specialness. For Pokroy, the project is also a unique prism through which she highlights issues of racial discrimination based on skin color.
Pokroy photographs her subjects, clad in white clothing, and also shoots video interviews - where they delve into the experience of being a redhead.
I Collect Gingers now totals 505 photos, and Pokroy has gone Kickstarter - aiming to get funding for a book in the works: $10,000 is what she needs - nearly half of which has already been raised. [Source: I Collect Gingers]

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