5 Apps to Make Your Dreams Come True

It’s time to dream big!


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“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” – William Arthur Ward

What’s your dream?
Dreams give us the license to think big, aspire to something greater, in other words - to hope. Dreams do come true; sometimes all they need is a bit of a push. We have put together a list of five apps that will jumpstart your dreams and turn your goals into a reality. We are always open to more suggestions, feel free to share with us other awesome apps that will help you make your dreams come true. 


WHAT A free iPhone and iPod Touch app that lets you achieve an unlimited number of
dreams, and also doubles as a social network.
HOW With a beautiful user interface, Everest has a lot of different features to ensure
that people follow their dreams and create new goals. Accounts are created via email or
Facebook, and users have the option of following friends or strangers as they pursue
their goals. To accomplish dreams, users need to enter small steps that they will take
to ensure that their goal is met. They also  have the option of setting different
timelines and declaring why their dream is important.
UNIQUE If you are looking for a new dream, Everest offers challenges, suggested goals in a variety of categories from learning and relationships to health and finances. The challenges can be automatically added to your dream page. Another cool feature is the ability to add photos to your dream timeline, providing more inspiration to invest in your aspirations.

WHAT A free web and iPhone app that helps you achieve your goals by tracking your
progress while at the same time boosting your resolve by getting encouragement from
HOW Lift’s easy to use format allows you to select a goal or habit that you would like
to start adopting in your life; when you perform the act, you simply tap the checkbox
signifying its completion.
UNIQUE A  personal report is created that includes a frequency per week graph -
data-backed insight into your rate of success. The Lift community is another perk of
the app and lets users share their habits with others and give one another “props” of

Image from Lift iTunes


WHAT A web and iPhone app with over 3 million users sharing their dreams and goals.
HOW The straightforward platform invites users to write down their goals and dreams,
either in a detailed entry form, a single sentence or in a blog.  Your future self can be
reminded of your set goal by receiving an email that will keep you on the path to
UNIQUE The large number of users means that 43Things accumulates data with insight: such as an estimation of the time it will take you to achieve your goal and how worthwhile your goal is. You can also interact with fellow users who share the same dream.   

Image from 43 Things iTunes


WHAT A free iPhone app that uses photos, text and videos to visualize - and track
your dreams.
HOW A dream catcher in your pocket, Wishlab allows you placed wishes on a Wish
Board in which photos, videos and text can be uploaded. Email alerts and push
notifications make sure you follow through and actualize your dreams.
UNIQUE The Wall of Inspiration is a place to see fellow WishLab users’
accomplishments, and success stories can be shared via Facebook and Twitter.

Image from WishLab iTunes


WHAT A web app that helps you develop better habits, stick to them and achieve your
HOW The theory behind HabitForge is that it takes 21 consecutive days to really put a
habit into practice. HabitForge will email you daily, checking up to see if you are
successfully keeping to your new goal.
UNIQUE If achieving your dream seems tough, HabitForge has extra accountability
measures to keep you focused. You can join a team of others who are working on the
same goal, set up multiple reminders a day or invite others to follow your progress with
a weekly report of your stats.

Image from HabitForge