The Nonprofit for Dream Sharing

Reminder on Instagram: anything is possible

May 8, 2013

Dreams can come true is the notion at the core of Acting on a Dream - a movement that encourages people to believe in themselves and turn their hopes into reality.
Striving to spread their message, Acting on a Dream resorts to Instagram for sharing and inspiring: they urge users to download, print and cut out a cloud-shaped piece of paper, scribble their dream, and take their photo with their very own dream cloud. The result is a digital archive on Instagram of snapshots of people with their dreams: from becoming a novelist to visiting the forbidden wall in China through to working in a lion sanctuary in South Africa.
The nonprofit also intends to hold events that showcase emerging talent - creating further inspiration for fellow dreamers. The charity's activities are geared towards fundraising for Dreams Come True - a UK-based nonprofit that aims to bring joy and happiness for ill children. 
Acting on a Dream reminds us that each and everyone of us has dreams - and ignites the spark of courage to realize them. So - what's your dream?

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