Carsharing Goes Social with Zimride

Matching drivers with passengers on the web

May 15, 2013

Image by Flickr user dedliNZ

You need a ride somewhere and don't have a car? Instead of renting a car or braving the hassle of public transportation, the carsharing industry offers a cheaper and more collaborative option: matching between individual drivers and passengers. Zimride makes this matching especially smooth and easy.
Zimride is a web-based platform where drivers and passengers can coordinate joint rides for a fee paid by the passenger to the driver. Zimride membership requires a Facebook account, and for good reason: by basing their service on your existing social network, Zimride makes sure that you should have an idea of who you're dealing with, assuaging natural concerns that arise when collaborating with strangers.
Zimride is currently available in New York, Washington D.C., Lake Tahoe, San Francisco and Los Angeles. If you're based in any of these cities and need a ride - or company for your trip - take the green, cheap and fun route of Zimride. [Source: Zimride]

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