11 Educational Activities for Kids at Disney World

The happiest place on earth is also filled with ​“edutainment.”

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Going to Disney World – the happiest place on earth – is also a great learning experience. Who knew that learning could be so much fun?

The six Walt Disney World parks, The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and two water parks: Blizzard Beach and Disney's Typhoon Lagoon aren't museums or historical places, but they still offer educational opportunities galore. That's because Disney has perfected what is known as “edutainment” that combines learning with entertainment.

Don't hesitate to take your children out of school in an off-peak time so you can explore more of the parks with much less waiting in line time.

1. Epcot World Showcase

Learn about different world cultures – the language, clothing, architecture and food – in the Epcot   World Center pavilions of Japan, Mexico, Morocco United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada. Italy, China, Norway, and America. The showcase cast members are from the country they work in. The showcase cast members are from the country they work in. Don't miss the American experience hosted by Ben Franklin and Mark Twain. Go in the evening to see the IllumiNations fireworks show.

2. Kilimanjaro Safaris

The safari ride in the Animal Kingdom, is different every time you ride it. You will seegiraffes, elephants, lions, cheetahs, and more and there are no fences or cages. There is a safari guide that will be informative and entertaining.

3. Liberty Square

In the magic Kingdom, this section looks like Colonial America with the replica buildings, and restaurant interiors. There is a Liberty Bell replica, a ride on an old-fashioned riverboat (and take a peek at Tom Sawyer Island), and the hall of US presidents (each president is represented by a lifelike animatronic version) for a fun history lesson.

4. Conservation Station

For older children: Located in the Animal Kingdom area, children can learn about conservation efforts across the world including Disney's. Endangered species are bred in the Animal kingdom and there are researchers that study animal behavior. Observation windows allow you to look in on medical procedures while a veterinarian explains what you are seeing.

5. Living with the Land

This indoor boat ride in Epcot travels through greenhouses and aquaculture tanks and you may see animals like alligators and fish. The boat also travels through scenes about the history of farming.

6. Mickeys PhilharMagic

In the Magic Kingdom Fantasyland, this is much more than just a 3D movie. What makes the attraction unique and educational is that is also provides smells, squirts of water and other 4D senses. It is also a great way to show how music and images are connected in animation.

7. Carousel of Progress

This Tomorrowland Magic kingdom attraction set in a rotating theatre follows an animatronic family from 1900 up to modern times and shows what has changed in the world from their great-grandparents time.

8. Spaceship Earth Ride

Learn about ancient civilizations and their contributions as well as the history of communications in this Epcot Center ride in Future World. As the ride winds down, you have a chance to imagine and design your future on touch screens right in your car illustrating that the future is now. There are also other great sections of Future World so you want to explore them all.

9. Wilderness Explorers

This program at the Animal Kingdom engages kids to learn about animals and the wilderness and earn badges (stickers in your official field guide) by searching for and learning about animals like Russell from the Pixar movie UP.

10. The Seas with Nemo and Friends

A 5.7 million-gallon saltwater Aquarium and the Nemo & Friends ride in Future world in Epcot. The ride features real and animated marine life for the little ones and the aquarium is filled with hands-on activities that teach kids the basics of marine biology, sharks and much more.

11. It's a Small World Ride

Don't skip the oldie but goodie It's a Small World ride in Fantasy World in the Magic Kingdom. The ride shows you the cultures and dress of the world and can be an educational experience for young children (and children of all ages) who have not yet traveled the world. Plus it’s a boatful of fun and you will leave humming It's a Small World After All.

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