12 Things That Every Vegetarian Understands

Veggies unite!

May 4, 2016
Vegetarian woman eating

Yes, that's a piece of tofu (Alliance Images / Shutterstock.com) 

Whether it’s about the animals or the environment, health considerations or purely taste, vegetarians have many different reasons for their food preferences. Indeed, what unites vegetarians is the experience of being vegetarian - rather than a shared love of salads. From the same awkward dinner party conversation over and over again to the joy of finding a good veggie restaurant, everyone vegetarian will understand these 12 experiences.

Every vegetarian will understand... 

Discovering new uses for lentils and butternut squash.

2. Having to discuss your dietary choices with everyone you share a meal with.

3. The joy of eating at a vegetarian restaurant - and being able to choose from the entire menu.

4. Getting nutrition advice from pretty much everyone you meet.

5. That awkward feeling of telling your dinner host ahead of time that you don’t eat meat.

6. Smiling politely as the 10th person at a work event recites the line from My Big Fat Greek Wedding: “It’s okay, I’ll make lamb!”

7. And the “vegetables have feelings too” joke.

A vegetarian restaurant

Nothing like a good vegetarian restaurant! (Unsplash)

8. The assumption that you’re obsessed with kale, yoga and recycling just because you’re vegetarian.

9. Explaining the difference between vegan, vegetarian and pescetarian.

10. The awesome veggie selection at Indian restaurants. Palak paneer every time.

11. Learning how to say “no fish sauce” in Asian languages while travelling.

12. Always getting your food first on flights. Score!

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