23 Surefire Signs That You’re a Treehugger

Do you dig organic food? Hemp clothes? You might just be a treehugger.

Jun 15, 2015
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Two pandas hugging in a tree

Treehugging pandas (Shutterstock) 

We’ve all got our pet issues for doing good - some relate to helping other people, others believe that self-improvement will lead the way to a better life. And then there are the treehuggers among us - the people that see recycling opportunities wherever they go, name plants as they pass them on the street and gravitate towards eco-friendly products and materials.
Sound familiar? You might just be a treehugger.


1. You recycle. Everything.

2. You'll only turn on the AC if your guests are noticeably sweating. 

3. You're into organic food.

4. You own something made from hemp.

5. Half of your furniture is repurposed in some way.  

6. Each room has at least one plant.  

7. You own a pet. 

8. You're vegetarian or vegan. 

9. You know exactly how much energy every appliance in your house uses. 

Hemp clothes

Hemp clothes... naturally (Shutterstock) 


10. You own a bike (or hybrid vehicle). 

11. You take your own tote bag to the grocery store. 

12. You volunteer for an environmental organization.  

13. You have a habit of naming plants and trees as you pass them on the street.

14. You'd always rather be outside.

15. You mentally debate the environmental impact of every potential purchase. 

16. You'd rather go camping than stay in a hotel.  

Cycling in the city

Bikes - good for the environment and good for you (Shutterstock) 


17. You love carbon footprint calculators.

18. You receive emails from at least one green organization. 

19. You retweet every Greenpeace tweet.  

Using a tablet outdoors

Green use of technology (Shutterstock)


20. You love Al Gore. 

21. You can look at pictures of windmills for hours without getting bored. 

22. You know the nitty gritty of every environmental issue (and love talking about them). 

Windmills at sunset renewable energy

Renewable energy - a beauty to behold (Shutterstock) 


23. You've hugged at least one tree in the past year. For real. 

A girl hugging a tree

At one with nature (Shutterstock) 

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