Cheap Thrills

Elizabeth Cline shares insight into the costs of cheap fashion

Apr 3, 2012

(Image: by Fashion Week Illustrée #2 on Flickr)

Get this:
is the average number of outfits the American woman owned in 1930.  
60 is the number of new clothing items the average American woman buys every year in the 2000's.

Did you know that? 
We didn't, but Elizabeth Cline told us, in a recent post on Etsy blog. In her article, Cline, the author of a soon-to-be-published book about responsible shopping and the owner of a Tumblr blog aptly titled The Good Closet, dots the history of the cheap dress with fascinating facts and stats. Yet, her message goes well beyond numbers: Cline is on a mission to refute the idea that fast fashion is cheap; the prices entailed are skyrocketing both for the individual consumer and for the world at large. [Source:]

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