19-Year-Old Shelter Cat Found a Forever Home at His Birthday Party

Sammy became a star!


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A birthday party for shelter pets.

(FotoYakov / shutterstock.com)

A homeless cat named Sandy turned 19 when he was in care of an Ohio animal sanctuary. But his story had a very happy ending when the staff threw him a birthday party and the Facebook post about it found him his forever home.

The post from the  Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society had over 1,000 likes and hundreds of shares and comments. That’s because the shelter staff dressed up the birthday boy with a sparkly blue hat and matching bowtie and adorned his cage with decorations according to Newsweek.

The shelter posted, “It's been a big week for Sammy! His adopter, who actually messaged us about Sammy before he became internet famous, was waiting outside before we even opened today! He is going home with a fellow senior kitty and has already been spoiled with a new hat!”

Facebook fans commented on this good news. One wrote: “Thank you for giving sweet Sammy a chance to live out his life in a loving home. I have a 19-year-old senior too and she's my baby.”

Sammy, a Persian mix with light colored fur, came into the shelter on June 7, 2021 when his owner had to go into assisted living where pets were not allowed. In fact, the previous owner told the shelter it was Sammy’s birthday according to Ray Anderson, media and community relations manager at the Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society.

Anderson told Newsweek: “He's [Sammy] a very sweet, affectionate cat who just loves to people watch and take naps. A very easygoing, carefree guy, despite his age.

“Sammy is a wonderful ambassador for senior cats though, so we're going to turn one of our free roaming cat areas into Sammy's Senior Center this week, so all of our lovable seniors can find homes!”

After Sammy became a star, the shelter decided to celebrate him by naming a room “Sammy’s Senior Care Center” in the hopes of finding other senior animals their forever homes according to Daily Paws. The shelter hopes that Sammy’s story will inspire people to consider adopting senior pets.


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