200 Countries Join Forces to Reduce Plastic Waste

It’s more than a drop in the ocean

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Plastic bottles and other types of plastic waste at the Thilafushi waste disposal site.

(MOHAMED ABDULRAHEEM / Shutterstock.com)

Good news is in the air, just in time for us to welcome the new year! Earlier this month, over 200 countries signed a resolution to clean the oceans of plastic waste.

Over the past decade, several countries have expressed their desire to save our planet, and now they can finally make good on their promises.

The agreement, created by the United Nations, states that each country will invest in using more environmentally friendly packaging, which in turn will massively help reduce the amount of waste produced by each country.

Norway’s environment minister, Vidar Helgesen told Reuters that “we now have an agreement to explore a legally binding instrument and other measures and that will be done at the international level over the next 18 months.”

Norway—which lead the efforts on the agreement—inspired 39 countries to pass environmental protection legislation after the resolution passed.

Good things may come in ‘small’ packages, and this ‘green package’ will make a huge difference for years to come.

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