28 Things Only People Who Love Books Would Understand

Booklovers, this is for you.

booklover reading book

Only booklovers understand the true joy of reading a good book (LOGVINYUK YULIIA / Shutterstock.com)

When you receive a book as a present, are you filled with elation? Do the terms “bookworm,” “booklover,” or “bibliophile” apply to you? Can you relate to the simultaneous joy and agony of finishing a good book? Do you consider peeking at the last page sacrilege (I mean, really, how dare you!)? Do you look forward to being transported to a different world every time you open a book?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the above questions, you’ll understand these 28 things all booklovers know to be true. 

Read on, readers.


1. The unparalleled satisfaction that comes with organizing your bookshelf.
2. The endless lists of books to read next you keep on your computer and phone. 

3. The inability to watch a movie without mentally (or, to everyone’s pleasure, vocally) comparing it to the book.

4. That tantalizing smell of a new book.  

5. Having every surface in your house covered in books.

6. Looking forward to rainy days as the perfect occasion to curl up and read. 

7. Knowing that the best vacation is a vacation spent reading.
8. Dressing up for midnight book releases.

9. Acknowledging the ever-lasting effect a book has had on your life.

10. Hardcover > paperback.

11. The personal anguish that follows the death of a beloved, fictional character.

12. Being halfway through way too many books.

13. Mastering the art of reading while eating and walking.

14. Always having a book handy while running errands in case you have to wait longer than three minutes in line.

15. Being able to appreciate a beautiful book cover.
16. Re-reading your favourite books until they’re in near shreds.

17. The painful wait for the next book in a series.

18. Promising yourself that you’ll only read one more page -and then staying up all night to finish the book.

19. The sensation that you’re in the presence of the ‘greats’ every time you step into a bookstore.

20. Establishing the ideal reading nook in your apartment, complete with a fuzzy blanket and comfy chair.
21. Being overly argumentative when it comes to defending books over tablets.

22. Getting creative when you need to mark your place in your book, but don’t have a bookmark (gum wrappers will do the trick).

23. Holding in tears if something sad happens in the story and you’re in public.

24. Referencing books in real life situations (and getting weird looks in return).

25. Getting library envy anytime you look at a picture like this: 
26. Having very specific criteria for what makes a coffee shop a good reading space (dimmed lighting, a must).

27. Keeping your journal close by when you’re reading so you can jot down inspiring quotes.

28. Finishing a book and having to take some time to transition back to the real world.