5 Reading Apps That are Revolutionizing the Way We Read [LIST]

The way we read is changing

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Reading books a new way.

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In an age when people always seem to be on the go, finding time to sit down, relax and read a good book can be hard. But what if you could get lost in a good book while on your phone or tablet? Well now you can because there are plenty of apps out there that make reading faster and easier, no matter where you are or what you're doing. Here are five of the best apps around.


WHAT: An app for busy people on the go who want to read more but feel they don't have the time.
HOW: A team of dedicated writers and readers selects a classic novel and pairs it with a contemporary one every month. These books are serialized into manageable chunks of about 15-20 minutes reading time that can be read whenever the user decides, whether it be at home, waiting for a meeting or on the go.


WHAT: Cutting-edge technology lets you read faster by using text streaming.
HOW: Content is streamed one word at a time, meaning your eyes don't need to move around the page. The “Redicle” technology uses horizontal lines and hash marks to direct the reader's eyes to a specific red letter in each word, which focuses the content and makes it easier and quicker to read. Press Click to Spritz at the top of this page to try it out. 


WHAT: A global digital library that lets you rent books using your smartphone.
HOW: Over 22,000 libraries worldwide offer eBooks and audiobooks over this smart system that's available on nearly every mobile platform out there. Requiring a valid account with a participating library, OverDrive lets you interact with other libraries to find the title you want and share any suggestions for books you would like to see them carry.


WHAT: A classic and simple way to download and read books on your smartphone or tablet.
HOW: The official Apple reading app lets you easily download books from the iBooks Store and swipe through the pages at your own convenience. It features fully illustrated books as well as fullscreen Multi-Touch books filled with plenty of interactive features that will elevate your reading experience to a whole new level.


WHAT: A handy way to help manage when, how and where you read.
HOW: The app lets you keep track of your reading habits on your smartphone by archiving books you've read and making lists of books you want to read. You can make a note when you finish a book and keep tabs on your reading life with the use of cool graphs that show how active a reader you’ve been.

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