30 Seniors Waited Their Whole Lives to See the Ocean for the First Time

Unbound Antioquia gave these 30 senior citizens the biggest gift of all - to fulfill a previously unattainable, lifelong dream

Apr 29, 2019

Imagine living your entire life landlocked inside your mountainous city, dreaming to see the ocean.  For thirty seniors living in Medellin, Colombia that was their reality. Until one organization and several dedicated workers took their dream seriously and sent them on a three-day adventure to bask in the ocean’s glory.

When the Unbound Antioquia program asked seniors what they dreamt of, many wished to see the sea. After fundraising, the team was able to fly over 30 senior participants to the coastal city of Cartagena to swim in the blue-green waters, dig their hands into the sand, and soak up the awe-inspiring horizon.  

“At unbound, no matter how old you are, the invitation is to continue dreaming. This story begins with our desire in Unbound to always listen to the people we serve,” says coordinator Mónica Gómez.

Unbound is a non-profit organization that works with impoverished families to help them become self-sufficient and realize their potential. One of their programs works specifically with the elderly, supporting their needs and encouraging them to grow.

“For them it was inconceivable, unthinkable that this dream would come true. We are very happy to listen to our elders, to learn from them, and to walk with them to achieve what they aim for,” stated Gómez.

For many of the seniors, it was their first time on a plane as well. When asked what they liked about the flight, they answered in unison “todo!” everything! When they got to the ocean, some cried, some prayed, and some jumped right in.

If you’re ready to have tears of joy stream down your face check out the video above.

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