Making Peace and Building Cultural Bridges Through Food

Conflict Cafe London uses our mutual love for great food to bring people together


Conflict Cafe celebrates the power of food to break down barriers and get people talking. (International Alert)

Conflict Cafe celebrates the power of food to break down barriers and get people talking. (Civil /

Food as a common denominator has the power to bring people and cultures together - there is no doubt about it. And that is the very real concept behind Conflict Cafe, an annual pop up restaurant in London that is more harmonious than it sounds. Breaking bread together not only breaks the ice, it also has the ability to create lasting relationships. Built on this very simple, yet very possible idea, Conflict Cafe serves food from conflicted areas in the world and initiates a new conversation about said places among those who come to feast together.

Delicacies from Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Turkey, Colombia, Nepal, Syria, Jordan, and Burma have all filled the table tops - catering to sold out crowds and foodies alike, all coming to get a taste of authentic recipes and a cause to get behind. Informative presentations reviewing an engaging history of the evening's dedicated country are shared, along with potential opportunities for how to build peace in the respective region. Well-crafted, interactive pop quizzes get the night moving and strangers seated beside one another become swiftly acquainted - and even fast friends.

Each feast succeeds in not only offering a delicious and different dining experience with a solid dose of perspective - it also raises awareness and money which all goes to charity for causes worth every penny. Raising real world issues and bridging people together all in a night's meal? Sounds commendable to say the least.

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