4 Language Learning Sites for Every Learning Style

Learning a new language is fun AND really good for you. Discover these four sites that suite your specific learning style and get started!

Jun 16, 2015

Which new langauge have you always wanted to learn? [Shutterstock]

Better memory, improved multi-tasking skills and higher perception - these are just some of the benefits of learning a new language. Opening your mind to reading, speaking and comprehending a foreign language also provides a window into the world. Since not everyone learns in the same way, this list breaks down four free language websites into four different styles of learning - to accompany you on your journey to foreign language acquisition.


WHAT: Memrise
HOW: Memrise uses scientific methods for ingraining new information and constantly tests users to make sure that lessons are being implemented.
LEARNING ADVANTAGE: Memrise uses mems (mnemonic flashcards) that use existing knowledge to help remember new vocabulary. This helps users form vivid sensory memories - perfect for the more visually-oriented learner.

Memrise mem

Memrise's mems create a visual image in order to solidify new words and expressions. [Screenshot]


WHAT: Duolingo
BASICS: Through speaking, listening, translation and multiple choice, Duolingo plays like a game, making a foreign languages interactive and fun to learn.
LEARNING ADVANTAGE: Duolingo has a ‘tips’ section in each unit, which provides clear grammar explanations. Additionally, pop up grammar notes point out new concepts like articles and conjugation during each lesson.


WHAT: Busuu
HOW: Busuu’s thorough language lessons shine a light on new vocabulary and phrases supported by dialogues, audio recording options and writing exercises.
LEARNING ADVANTAGE: The content is curated in-house by professionals from the field of education and is very clear to use and understand. The audio is the mainstay of the language training, supplemented by the chance to connect with native speakers in interactive sessions.

Busuu puts the emphasis on listening with their exercises. [Screenshot]


WHAT: Livemocha
HOW: Powered by Rosetta Stone, Livemocha is one of the largest interactive websites to learn a foreign language. Users earn points by completing learning activities and helping others by rating their exercises and volunteering as a language partner – the more helpful you are the more points you gain.
LEARNING ADVANTAGE: At Livemocha, users can access virtual classes or book an online session with a private tutor. Community-oriented, the interface is reminiscent of Facebook with chat options and friend requests.

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