4 Steps to Being the Politest Person on the Block [LIST]

Good manners online and offline [LIST]

Jan 24, 2014

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Were you taught to say “please” and “thank you”? Or to lower your voice when you’re in a public place? Whether you call it minding your manners or simple civility, being kind and considerate can often be that all-important ray of sunshine in our fast-paced lives. To refresh your memory, please - enjoy a list of four merits of being polite, which you can apply to all aspects of your life.
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Whether you’re hustling to your next meeting or sharing an animated conversation on the subway, paying attention to the people around you fosters good feelings.
FIRST STEP: The Urban Etiquette Project distributes free downloadable cards in English and French, designed to address inconsiderate behavior ranging from littering to using foul language around kids.
THE EXTRA MILE: The project isn’t all about chiding and telling people what they are doing wrong - the cards also praise thoughtful actions like holding the door open for a stranger and helping those in need.

The rules of engagement seem to change once people enter cyberspace - perhaps because the sense of anonymity empowers folks to be freer with their thoughts and language. A word to the wise - there are real people out there behind the screens!
FIRST STEP: The article, Mind Your Media Manners, expounds on the proper way to interact on the most popular social networks, Twitter and Facebook. Some helpful tips? Remember that Facebook is not a private forum, so venting about a tough day at the office might end up getting back to your boss. And while the beauty of Twitter is that it’s a real-time platform, being aware of where you are and the present moment can have a positive effect on your usage.
THE EXTRA MILE: One of the best parts of Facebook and Twitter is connecting with people, no matter where they live. Spread some positive cheer and be generous with your likes, retweets and birthday greetings.

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There are many codes for professional behavior, and what might be appropriate at home doesn’t always fly at the workplace. Since most of the day is spent interacting with colleagues, why not make work a pleasant environment?
FIRST STEP: Being punctual is key! Respecting other peoples’ time falls into the realm of civility - arrive on time and come prepared. And if you’re running late, shoot a quick email or text so that your coworkers aren’t waiting for you.
THE EXTRA MILE: It’s been shown that being positive and friendly at work yields successful results, so in addition to arriving on time, thank your colleagues! Grab them a cup of coffee and flash a smile once in awhile.

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Any shopping experience can be enhanced when the service is friendly, whether it’s your local barista or a salesperson at the mall. Well, it goes both ways!
FIRST STEP:French café took politeness to a new level recently, when they posted lower prices for folks who ordered their coffee with a cup of kindness. Barking out for a coffee put the price at 7 euro whereas asking nicely and inserting “good morning” and “please” reduced the price to 1.40 euro!
THE EXTRA MILE: While a smile and thank you can get you a lot further, appreciation in service situations is often shown with a fair tip. If the spirit moves you, reward your service-folk with some extra change.

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