The Cure: a Healthy Dose of Imagination

Healthcare gets a positive treatment

Healthy meal.

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"Almost 2/3 of adults and more than 1/3 of children in the US are overweight or obese," boasts a grim headline on Healthy Dose of Imagination. But a glimmer of hope is offered by the bright red inscription stating, "Now imagine that...," which brings up the following statement:
"A nationwide revolution of school lunches and P.E. programs dramatically reduced obesity and promoted healthy (and yummy) eating habits."
Is this a dream solution or a realistic goal? The startups listed at the bottom of the page are the social enterprises that work hard towards achieving this mission. 
Other healthcare-related stats - alongside potential solutions - are featured on this website created by the values-based venture capital firm Collaborative Fund, HealthyShare and Startup America. Contrasting facts-based statements with innovative changes offered by a variety of entreprenuers and startups, Healthy Dose of Imagination is not just a showcase for good-doing companies, but also a thought-provoking and engaging experience. [Source: Healthy Dose of Imagination]

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