The Happiest Race in the World

A 5K race thrives on color and good-doing


Image: from The Color Run

There are countless 5k races in the US, yet The Color Run seems like the happiest 3-mile dash of all.
The Color Run is a fun run - meaning, no pressure on speed and performance and open for runners of all levels. The only condition is that you wear a white shirt - which won’t stay white for long. Each kilometer during the dash is marked by a specific color: yellow, orange, pink or blue. When runners arrive at the Color Run Zone, they are bombarded with color (made from completely natural and safe ingredients). The end of the race is quite the spectacle: finishers have the happiest, most colorful, post-race party.
The Color Run races take place in various cities all over the US. Armed with ambition to contribute to local communities, the race donates some of the proceeds to charity, picking a local organization in each city The Color Run is held in. [Source: The Color Run]

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