5 All-Natural Homemade Facial Recipes

These DIY facial serums come straight from nature for glowing, healthy skin.

Natural ingredients for a homemade facial.

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Plant oils, flowers, herbs, and other extracts contain bountiful nutrients to heal the skin naturally. When you know the basics, you can get creative with homemade facial recipes customized for your skin type. Try these five DIY homemade facial treatments for an at-home spa experience courtesy of Mother Earth!

Facial Serum

Your homemade facial serum will start with a carrier oil, healthy plant oils made from fruits, seeds, fruits, or plants. Think of the carrier oil as your base ingredient. You can use each alone on the skin or mix it with other essential oils for specialized remedies to create your own serums. 

Serums tend to moisturize skin better than heavy creams. Plus they contain all kinds of nutrients that your skin will love, like vitamins and antioxidants. 

Dry, oily, combination, or mature; everyone’s skin is different. Follow these four recipes to create a serum that treats your skin type. When you use your serums, make sure to wash the skin and remove makeup first. Then you can apply a drop to the forehead, each cheek, and chin before gently massaging in soft, upward strokes to soak in all the amazing, natural benefits of your facial serum.

Essential oils are used in facial serums.

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Jojoba facial for combination skin

Jojoba oil is your all purpose carrier oil, widely used in many cosmetic products. If you tend to have combination skin (not too oily, not too dry), create a daily serum with jojoba oil as your base. Studies published in the International Journal for Molecular Sciences found that oils from this perennial plant repair damaged skin, like from acne, infection, or aging.  

To start your recipe, take 1 oz of jojoba oil. Then customize your recipe with a mild essential oil, like lavender. This calming floral oil smells like a French garden. Add 20 drops to the mix and shake. Apply a few drops to the face for all day moisture. You'll create a facial treatment that gently soothes skin by reducing inflammation, repairing tissue, and healing breakouts, according to Medical News Today. Lavender oil is also non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores. 

Make a facial serum from jojoba oil

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Rosehip recipe for dry skin

Rosehip oil is a perfect base serum for moisturizing skin. It comes from a pressed seed oil, extracted from the wild rose bush Rosa rubiginosa native to the southern Andes. Women’s Health points out that rosehip oil is anti-aging (thanks to Vitamin C), brightening, and reduces scarring. Rosehip has a subtle, woody smell, making it a great base for mixing a homemade facial serum. 

To create your homemade facial recipe, take a 1 oz bottle of rosehip oil. Then add 20 drops of your preferred essential oil. Add essential oils like eucalyptus (for a lively, earthy scent) or rose, ylang ylang, and geranium oils (or all three together) for a more floral facial treatment. Mix them right in your rosehip bottle, shake, and apply daily.

Use rosehip in your homemade facial.

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Argan facial to heal breakouts

If you tend to have more oily or acne-prone skin, think of argan oil as your secret weapon. The Dermatology Review notes that this golden-colored oil native to Morocco is non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores. It also reduces inflammation, redness, and oil in the skin.

To create a healing argan facial, like this recipe from Abury Blogs, combine a tablespoon of pure Argan oil  with a tablespoon of sweet almond oil and a tablespoon of tamanu oil. Just a few drops will help reduce signs of acne and leave a healthy glow. 

For more skin-clearing benefits, add 5 drops of tea tree oil. A study from The Australasian College of Dermatologists found tea tree oil effective in treating acne. Witch hazel is another option to customize your serum, which will increase astringency and dry out excess oil.

Use this argan facial for acne-prone skin.

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Avocado oil treatments for mature skin

You probably already know about avocado’s health benefits for your diet. This healthy fat also nourishes when applied directly to the skin, especially if you want extra moisture or to retain  elasticity. 

Dermatologists told Byrdie that avocado oil promotes youthful skin, maintains hydration, and heals the skin.Mature skin will glow from avocado oil, loaded with omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamins A, D, and E. 

Avocado oil is an odorless yellow oil, so you can customize your facial treatment with a fragrance of your choosing. To treat mature skin, create an avocado oil mask, using this recipe from Any Day Guide. Best of all, you’ll find most of the ingredients in your kitchen. Combine one tablespoon of avocado oil, one tablespoon of honey, and one tablespoon of unsweetened, plain Greek yogurt. You can also add a few drops of carrot seed oil, another option that will add a warm, earthy aroma while also rejuvenating aging skin, according to Very Well Health.

Rochelle Weitzner, the CEO of Pause Skincare, a beauty line for women going through menopause, explained in an article with Vogue Magazine that a daily facial massage helps sculpt muscles on the face, increase blood flow, and boosts collagen (the protein that supports the structure of the skin).

For the best results, massage the mask on the face, neck, and chest using the fingertips or a massage tool for five minutes. Let the mask sit for another 10 minutes before washing the face with lukewarm water.

Everything you need for an Avocado facial mask.

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