5 Bio-Degradable Plastic Companies for a Greener Future

Sustainable packaging and socially responsible business

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bio plastic spoon fork and biodegradable lunch box on banana leaf

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An increasing number of cities, companies, and households are looking for creative ways to minimize their carbon footprint and save money along the way. A major part of those efforts is reducing waste, especially plastic waste such as packing and disposable cups and cutlery.

In recent years, more and more companies are developing biodegradable options for single-use packaging and dishware. These biodegradable and compostable products are made out of plants and fibres that naturally break down and can even give back valuable resources to the earth.

Thanks to these conscious and eco-friendly companies, we might be moving in the right direction to a new waste-free era.


  1. WorldCentric’s US-made line of compostable cutlery and packaging includes an extensive list of biodegradable bags, dishware, and cutlery for household or corporate use. These certified-compostable disposables are made out perennial plant fibres with long roots that help store carbon underground. As an added bonus, 25 percent of their profits are donated to worthy causes.


Plantable paper plates by Papelyco are just about the coolest green invention since the internet was created. Use their plate, place it in the ground, and a plant will literally grow out of it. They even include important minerals in the plate to provide your new sappling with the nutrients it needs to grow. What could be more sustainable than that?


Be Green Packaging has it down when it comes to professionalism and precision. They’ve partnered with companies such as Google, Gilette, Samsung, Whole Foods, and Virgin America to bring compostable packaging to consumers.


New Zealand-based EcoWare is a carbon neutral company, offsetting all of its energy output by investing in clean technology. Aside from their biodegradable dishware, they also sell bioplastic packaging that has an 80 percent lower carbon footprint than regular plastic.


Tipa produces a line of biodegradable flexible plastics - think Ziplock bags, garbage bags, etc. This type of plastic is heavily used by consumers, and can be a game-changing technology moving forward into a more sustainable future.

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