5 Creative Ways to Wrap Gifts For the Holidays

Add meaning to gift wrapping.

Gifts festively and sustainably wrapped.

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‘Tis the season of giving. Use creativity this season when wrapping your gifts by reducing, reusing, and recycling. Your gifts will be wrapped with personality and love and will be received with appreciation by your loved ones and by the environment.

Giving gifts is a joyous occasion, yet according to Holidappy, it generates some four million tons of waste each year in the US alone. There are many ways to reduce this waste, and it all starts with thinking outside the traditional gift box.

This holiday season, make a concerted decision not to buy gift wrap, bows, and cards. Instead, collect boxes, tins, and paper grocery bags. Keep old gift wrapping, maps, cards, magazines, and newspaper comics. Invite the family to join in the gift-wrapping fun! Here are five creative ways to transform your gift-giving experience this year.

Furoshiki gift wrap

This ancient Japanese tradition combines origami and practicality, according to Evermine. Furoshiki was the way the Japanese bundled their clothes at the public bath house; and now this has been repurposed to elegantly wrap gifts.

Collect old and torn clothing and scarves, then cut to the necessary size. Center your gift atop the cloth then tie a bow, followed by a second bow using the two other corners of the fabric. Boxes and bottles will look sophisticated and fancy dressed up by this fabric bow.

A woman wraps her presents furoshiki style, a nice environmentally-friendly option.

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DIY gift bags

Making your own gift bags also requires a bit of origami folding as well as some recycled paper. Check out this gift bag tutorial from Hello Sandwich. Using pages from the comics section of the paper or an old map will add interest and color. Kraft paper is also a sustainable option as it is biodegradable.

You can save handles from paper grocery bags and then tape them to the inside of your own DIY gift bag that is made with love!

A selection of DIY gift bags made from kraft paper.

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Repurposed boxes

Shoe boxes make great storage containers as well as gift boxes. Check out Upcycle My Stuff to learn how to wrap your used shoes boxes, chocolate boxes, and cardboard boxes, transforming them into elegant gift boxes. Keep this project sustainable by using magazine pages or recycled gift wrap on your boxes.

A young girl holding autumn leaves peeks from behind a large gift box.

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Pyramid gift box

This is a great way to wrap jewelry, cufflinks, or any small gift. These pyramid boxes will make everything that is hidden inside look precious.

You will need card stock, a hole puncher, and string, as detailed on the designer blog Sassafras. Make this a sustainable project by using repurposed greeting cards and save time by downloading the Sassafras box template.

If you hang these adorable boxes on your Christmas tree or place them on the mantelpiece on Christmas Eve, you may even impress Santa!

A handmade pyramid gift box tied with twine.

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Upcycle the final touches

Now that you have four beautiful and environmentally-friendly ways to wrap your gifts, add the final touches by making homemade gift tags, bows, or add a natural flavor.

Collect Christmas cards for your gift tags, then cut out images and words from the cards, as suggested by Upcycle My Stuff. Using pinking shears to create scalloped and jagged edges will add sophistication.

For the cherry on top of your gift, make your own bow. Check out HGTV for instructions on how to make a gorgeous upcycled bow. Keep old ribbons from gifts as well as glossy magazine pages that you can cut into strips. Or, wrap your gift in garden twine and add a cutting of juniper with its berries, or a pine cone from the garden.

A woman sits in front of a Christmas and decorates her gifts with a sprig of juniper and DIY twine bows.

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