5 Delicious Summer Fruits to Enjoy This Season

Refreshing flavors to go with the heat waves.

Summer friends

Summer is here! (Olesya Kuprina / Shutterstock.com)

Summer brings with it many different kinds of fruit, bestowing our tastebuds with some of the most refreshing flavors of the year - almost making up for the coinciding heat waves. So whether it's packing ice cold watermelon for the beach or lip-smacking cherries for a sweet afternoon picnic, here are the top five fruits to take advantage of during this summer season.


PEAK SEASON: August-March
CLAIM TO FAME: An unexpected, quirky star shape

Otherwise known as carambola, this sweet and sour tropical fruit hails from Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands and China. Named for its can't-miss-it star shape - it's a perfect addition to perk up fruit salads or eat alone for a nutritious punch of vitamin C. It can also be used to make delicious sauces and jams.

Star fruit is a summer fruit

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CLAIM TO FAME: Thai cusine; used in the popular Som Tam Salad
Native to Mexico and Central America, papayas can be found in a range of hues - from green to yellow, orange and rose. Each offers a slightly different degree of sweetness, but all house a significant dose of Vitamins A and C. Crush the papaya's black-balled seeds for a spicy kick of house-made pepper.

Papaya is a summer fruit

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PEAK SEASON: June-August
CLAIM TO FAME: They don't call them 'sweethearts' for nothing
There’s nothing quite like homemade cherry pie with a dollop of vanilla ice cream - and this sweet fruit is also rich in antioxidants, loaded with fiber and reduces inflammation. The perfect on-the-go snack is also a key ingredient to lazy summer picnics - giving true meaning to the phrase “life is just a bowl of cherries.” If that weren't enough, for those insomniacs who just can't get to sleep, cherries are a solid source of natural melatonin (with even higher levels in the tart version) to aid in catching some undisturbed zzzs.

Cherries are a summer fruit

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CLAIM TO FAME: A BBQ staple, major thirst-quencher
Watermelons are basically synonymous with the first hint of summer and deliciously lasting throughout the warm-weather months. Sweet and crisp, cold and refreshing, this fruit calls to mind weekend-long pool parties, dining alfresco and childhood sticky fingers. For inventive foodies looking to eat watermelon with a twist, try a freshly-made gazpacho for a palate-cleansing starter, or opt for watermelon topped with feta cheese.

Watermelon is a summer fruit

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PEAK SEASON: June-August
CLAIM TO FAME: Exotic, delicate flavor
This floral and fragrant Chinese-native fruit is as delicate as it is tasty, boasting major health benefits to boot. Rich in antioxidants, minerals and Vitamin C, they also offer a range of skin, hair and anti-aging benefits. For a surprising party-pleaser, use it as a base for sweet cocktails or add it to a homemade salsa for an unexpected flavor.  

Lychee is a summer fruit

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