Bringing Back the Bees with One Million Wildflowers

Seedles bright-colored seed balls are looking to grow organic flowers and crops to create more pollination opportunities for bees.


bee on a wildflower

Planting wildflowers will attract bees and give them more pollination opportunities. [SanderMeertinsPhotography /]

There has been a lot of talk and concern over the fact that more than half of the United State’s bee populations are disappearing.Bees are incredibly important - they are the backbone of the majority of food production, responsible for a large variety of nuts, fruits and vegetables. The rapid reduction in bee populations has been tied to the excessive use of pesticides, parasites and a lack of crop variety for bees to pollinate.

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Seedles- Grow The Rainbow is on the case of replenishing the bee population with its ambitious goal of growing one million wildflowers across the US. Through a successfully-funded Kickstarter project, the grassroots team has developed Seedles - rainbow bright balls of seed, compost and clay that grow colorful non GMO wildflowers and thyme. All Seedles products are nontoxic as well as kid-friendly. You don’t need a green thumb to start sprouting Seedles, as the method for planting can entail simply throwing the bright colored balls on bare soil. For the more gardening-oriented folks out there, Seedles can be planted in a sunny pot or plot, and watered regularly. Flowers can take bloom instantly, and if planted indoors can last up to five years. Hopefully, this colorful and proactive solution will gain momentum and bring the bees back home.

This cool video shows how Seedles is nearing its one-million-wildflower goal: