5 Easy Ways to Create Gorgeous, Natural Home Decor

Follow these DIY hacks to transform the home today!

Stylish, natural interior with tropical plants.

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Your home decor style says a lot about you. Whether you've furnished your home with a specific look in mind, used an interior decorator or have somehow collected a random mix of items that contribute to making your home functional, your style shines through.  So, if you're looking to incorporate sustainability, a pared down look, or a more natural vibe into your home, you've come to the right place. Read ahead for five effortless ways to transform your living space today, without breaking the bank.

Less is more

Minimalism is all about being intentional with how you decorate,  and adhering to the bare-essentials mindset. According to MyDomaine,  minimalism is a lifestyle in which people actively choose what they want to surround themselves with in their living area. It’s a way to keep the items they need and love, and rid themselves of the excess. 

There are lots of systems to help people dispose of the extra clutter, such as the KonMari method, and so-called Minimalist Gaming. And a real benefit of decluttering and limiting the number of items in your house is  that it brings peace of mind as well. Our minds can always use some extra space, don’t you think?

Minimal room with coral decor.

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Make the most of your space

Interior design is advancing and evolving. Through intentional planning, you can convert small spaces such as studio apartments into spaces that feel like spacious quarters. It’s all about using the space you have efficiently, no matter the size. This approach makes the biggest difference during the construction stage, as it helps keep materials and other resources to a minimum while building. 

For those of us whose homes are already built, Today recommends using multifunctional furniture,, wall-mounted furnishings and keeping as many things off the floor as possible.

Stylish studio apartment interior.

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Think twice before your next purchase

Sales, coupons and rewards. These marketing staples make us feel like we got the better end of the stick and even give us a dopamine boost. But if the item isn’t needed to begin with, or is made of inferior quality materials and will only last a couple of years, then it's not such a good deal after all. We might even be wasting money and resources by buying them. So, instead of impulse buys and going for cheap materials of low quality, choose to plan in advance and make a game plan.

Let’s say you’re on the market for a couch. Strategizing about where to find a good quality couch that will last will benefit you as well as the environment. And you might even strike a sale by planning in advance like this. Win-win! Also, keep in mind that walking into a store with requirements, design, measurements and budget in mind will keep you focused and help you avoid unnecessary purchases compared to aimlessly walking through a store with no specific goal in mind.  

Zero waste lifestyle concept.

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From trash to treasure
Speaking of shops, secondhand and vintage shops are a convenient option when looking for furniture for your home. The items, some of them in the antique and vintage style, were once loved by others and can now be purchased for a fraction of the original price. 

If you’re in the decluttering stage, consider helping the environment by donating your belongings instead of throwing them away. By doing this, explains Miss Malini, you extend the life of your items by giving them a new life and home for years to come.

Cheerful woman working on old furniture as part of her sustainable lifestyle.

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Bring plants into your home

Introducing plants and colorful flowers is an easy route to decorating your home in a natural and sustainable way. They are a great addition to the overall vibe of your home, and present numerous display options. Try planters in a variety of materials, and vases of many lengths and shapes.

You can enjoy other benefits when decorating your home with plants. According to Good Homes, plants give plant parents a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction when taking care of them and watching them flourish. Some studies even show that taking care of a plant helps reduce stress.  And not only do plants improve the air quality of your home, they also brighten it up and add pops of bright color. And, of course, they are as green as can be! 

Contemporary room with cacti decorations.

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