These 7 DIY Mindful Home Decor Tips Invite Calm

Trying these serene decor ideas may inspire mindfulness at home.

A woman feels calm and relaxed in her mindful workspace surrounded by flowers and soft colors.

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Mindfulness is the awareness of the present moment and can offer you a sense of calm and clarity. You can inspire this state of mind in your home and at work with a few simple mindfulness decor tips.

In a world of digital beeps, insistent rings, and honking traffic, it is more important than ever to restore a sense of internal calm. Start a sensory journey of comfort and self care. Be it a house,  apartment or office, here are seven serene ideas to help you create your own mindful sanctuary.


When creating a mindful space, be it a corner, a room, or a nook, first ensure it is uncluttered, as suggested by Invaluable. Your calm space needs to be a balance between function and emotion. Look around and ask yourself whether the objects truly represent you and whether you have a positive association with them. If they do not, go minimalist and remove them.

A young woman relaxes in a calming, decluttered space.


Make a Meditation Corner

Now that your room is decluttered and Zen-like, Style at Home suggests that you choose a corner with natural light for your special place for tranquility. Add pillows, a meditation cushion, a low table for candles, and a special object for your meditation’s focus. This is your place to pray, dream, meditate, and reconnect with your heart.

A woman does yoga in her meditation corner, surrounded by lit candles.

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Choose Soft and Natural Lighting

Try to let as much natural light into your space as possible. Avoid artificial lighting such as fluorescent lights and bright white light bulbs. Instead, decorate with lamps and use soft yellow light bulbs.

Go for the glow by placing a Himalayan salt lamp on a table, or drape fairy lights around a glass vase or upright potted plant. And at night, there is nothing more relaxing than flickering candles. Place scented candles around the room and turn off those electric lights!

A soothing Himalayan salt lamp, along with tea lights and crystals, are arranged on a wooden surface.

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Add Fragrance

Mindfulness decor is all about uplifting the senses. Find the scent that makes you feel calm and peaceful. There are many calming scents around; for some, it is lavender, ylang ylang, or rose. You can put a few drops of essential oil in a diffuser and fill the room with a sense of tranquility. Burn some incense like nag champa or frankincense. Scented candles are also soothing.

Freshly cut flowers and an aromatic oil diffuser uplift a room.

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Go for Natural Colors

Everyone has their own calming color. Like fragrances, color tones can transport one to a place of calm, according to Apartment Therapy. For some it is deep forest green, while others connect to the sandy brown and mustard tones of a desert.

Paint an accent wall with your calming color. Or, select a piece of art in that serene color scheme. Reveal that color in a blanket, an accent pillow, or a small throw rug and add a spirit of reflection to any room.

An accent wall painted a deep forest green wall and a potted palm add natural calm to a room.

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Decoration for Manifestation

A room can inspire calm, yet it can also subconsciously evoke dreams. Decor guru Anne Sage told the Los Angeles Times that bringing your thoughts into your physical space is empowering. Design, she said, is an avenue for self-realization.

If you yearn for an adventure, add an exotic touch to remind you of this special place. If you dream of realizing a meaningful goal, place some affirmations around the room.

Manifest travel to faraway places by using decorative woven plates, succulents, and exotic accessories.

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Nurture Your Inner Plant Parent

Plants are a great asset to a mindful decor theme. Be it an herb garden on the windowsill, a collection of succulents, or a mini jungle of hanging ferns, they can evoke a smile even on a bleary day, as written on Apartment Therapy.

In fact, a study in Journal of Physiological Anthropology shows that interacting with indoor plants may reduce stress. Researchers observed that plants heal as they suppress the sympathetic nervous system and diastolic blood pressure. The results are soothing feelings of comfort. So bring the outdoors inside and go for green!

Mindful decor is complemented by this urban jungle interior, with lots of potted plants arranged together.

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