5 Feel Good Hugs For Every Occasion

A loving embrace can go a long way.

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Hugging feel awesome and has even been scientifically proven to improve our mind, body and soul. There is no doubt that the embrace of another human being can improve our mood and wellbeing in an instant, but did you know that there are different styles of hugs and each one has its own meaning and benefits? So whether it’s congratulating a colleague or showing affection to a loved one there is a hug for every occasion. Here are five of the most common hugs and the ways in which they can positively affect all huggers involved!

The best hugs:

WHAT: The protector
HOW: This is where one person comes from behind and wraps their arms around the waist of the person in front.
WHO: Lovers.
WHEN: This is a hug for when a lover wants to take on a protective role and show their partner how much they love them. A very intimate hug that is filled with emotion, it usually happens when a person is excited to see their partner and feels like showing their affection while also maintaining a sense of playfulness. 

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WHAT: The back stroke
HOW: This where two people hug and give each other a little back rub during it.
WHO: Good friends.
WHEN: This hug is all about reassurance and is best suited for when friends want to wish each other well. While maybe not as intimate as some of the other types of hugs, it’s a great way to show someone that you are happy to see them and that you care deeply about their wellbeing. 

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WHAT: The tight squeeze
HOW: Also known as the deadlock hug, this is where two people intertwine themselves as much as possible and hold on for dear life.
WHO: Close family members, best friends, nearest and dearest.
WHEN: This is for when you really want to show your love and affection to the other person as if they are the most important thing in the world at that moment. Due to the tight embrace it’s a way of showing that you don’t want to let go and that you want to be with that person for as long as possible. It is a passionate hug that is loaded with plenty of emotion. 

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WHAT: The slow dance
HOW: This where one person wraps their arms around their partner’s waist, while the other person wraps their arms around the other’s neck.
WHO: People on a first date, young lovers.
WHEN: This is for when you want to talk to someone and look into their eyes but you are not quite ready to let go of the warm embrace. Full of intimacy and emotion this a hug for all the romantics out there who want to hold their partner for as long as possible. 

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WHAT: The reach around
HOW: Also known as ‘the buddy’, this is when one person puts a single arm around the other’s shoulder for a half-hug.
WHO: Good friends, teammates, colleagues.
WHEN: This is for people who have just  accomplished something together and want to show how connected they are. As the hips are the parts of the body that are closest here, and not the heart (as with most other hugs), this one is all about showing admiration as well as affection. 

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