5 Flow Yoga Poses Inspired by Water

Connect to the element of water and flow with these yoga poses!

Connect to water through yoga.

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Water-inspired yoga poses may offer wellness benefits as they harmonize with the ancient theory of the five elements. By embracing the fluid nature of water, you support your body's equilibrium and awaken the chakras

Whether you are a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, these water-inspired poses will take you on a transformative journey of strength, flexibility, and inner tranquility, according to Verywell Fit. So, roll out your mat and connect with this flow yoga inspired by water. Allow the rhythmic waves of your practice to carry you to a place of deep inner peace and well-being.


Downward Dog Spinal Waves

Spinal waves capture the ripple motion of the ocean as you flow gracefully. These fluid movements, resembling the ripples of waves, provide a tranquil sensation in the body. By focusing on the spine's mobility and flexibility, spinal waves help alleviate stiffness and discomfort, according to mindbodygreen

Begin by placing your hands and feet on the mat, raising your hips into a downward dog position. Inhale, lifting onto your toes, and exhale, pressing your heels down three times. Next, with a gentle knee bend and tucked chin, roll forward through your lower, middle, and upper back into a high plank. Softly bend your knees and reverse the motion, returning to downward dog. Repeat this free-flowing sequence as many times as you want.

Doing the downward dog yoga pose at the beach.

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Swan Pose

Channel the elegance of a swan gliding through water with the swan pose. This pose presents a graceful and challenging posture that stretches and strengthens various parts of the body. According to Ekhart Yoga, it increases hip mobility, stretches the hip flexors, and stimulates the liver, kidney, and spleen meridians through front body extension.

As you arrive at a tabletop position, gently slide your right knee behind your right wrist.  Adjust the position of your ankle in front of your left hip while flexing your foot. Tuck your left toes and slide your foot backward, aligning it with your upper body, resting the top of the foot on the mat. Find balance in your hips, stack your arms, and allow your weight to sink. Experience a gentle stretch in your hip and mild stimulation of the sacral region while holding for one to three minutes. To exit the pose, slide your back knee forward and transition to a downward dog or continue on the left side.

The swan yoga pose improves flexibility.

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Mermaid Pose

Dive into the mystic mermaid pose, an intermediate option between pigeon prep and a one-legged king pigeon pose. This pose targets and stretches the hips, quadriceps, groin, and shoulders while also serving as a heart-opening backbend, according to Verywell Fit. To prepare your hips for Mermaid, master the pigeon pose and one-legged king pigeon pose before attempting it. Without proper preparation, there is a risk of straining hip flexors and injuring knees due to increased stress.

Begin in the pigeon pose and start with your right leg forward. As you bend your left knee, grasp your left foot, sliding it into your left elbow crease. From here, reach your right arm toward the ceiling, bend your elbow, and bring your right hand behind your head. Interlace your fingers, pressing the back of your head into your right arm while keeping your chest facing forward. To transition, release your foot, lower your leg with control, and repeat the pose with the left knee forward.

Doing the mermaid yoga pose near water.

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Floating Lotus Pose

Floating lotus pose invites you to embody strength while embracing a sense of lightness and tranquility, according to the Yoga Journal.  Imagine the serenity of a lotus floating on the surface of a calm pond. This seated variation of the lotus pose requires strength and flexibility to lift the body slightly off the ground. 

Begin by sitting cross-legged with blocks beside your hips. If you can do the lotus pose , go for it, but the easy pose works too. Place your hands on the blocks, press down to straighten your arms, and create space around your heart and neck. Engage your core to maintain a 90-degree angle between your legs and torso. If your shoulders hunch, lower down, relax, and rise again. In this pose, you can keep the bottom leg on the ground. For an extra challenge, place your hands on the ground instead of using blocks.


Man in the lotus yoga pose.

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Waterfall Pose

Immerse yourself in the refreshing energy of the waterfall pose. This restorative inversion offers an array of relaxing benefits, according to the website Do You.

To practice waterfall pose, lie on your back and slide a block beneath your sacrum for pelvic support. Ground your upper body on the floor while bringing one knee at a time toward your chest and extending both legs upward. 

As your legs are elevated, you'll experience a reversal of blood flow that may relieve tired leg muscles and a slower heart rate. Stay in this pose for several minutes, allowing your mind and body to unwind and release any tension or stress.

Woman doing the waterfall yoga pose.

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