Connect With These Yoga Poses for Each Mood

Roll out the yoga mat to help feel balanced with these seven poses.

Woman doing relaxing yoga pose.

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If you want to balance your mood, try fitting in a yoga session. In fact, each yoga pose has unique and subtle benefits, from helping you feel more energized to soothing stress after a long day according to research from Boston University. As you tune into your body, you become more aware of your sensations and how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. Then you can release and reconnect with these yoga poses for each mood.

Relax in Downward Facing Dog

Feeling stressed? Forward bending poses calm anxiety by activating the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), which helps you feel relaxed and release stress. Feel at ease with forward bending poses, like downward facing dog, to release tension. Begin on your hands and knees. Then slowly straighten your legs as you spread the palms. Hold the pose and gently breathe.

Downward facing dog is a calming yoga pose.

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Feel Energized in Low Lunge

Need an energy boost? Skip your morning coffee and wake up naturally with this invigorating posture. Back bending poses, like low lunge, activate the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). According to Yoga to Cope, this SNS branch of the nervous system puts your body in alert mode, making you feel energized by increasing blood flow to the body. 

To enter the pose, start in downward-facing dog. Then step the right foot forward between your hands. Lower your left knee to the floor as you raise both arms forward. Lift from your upper chest into a subtle backbend.

Doing the low lunge pose in the garden.

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Feel the Love With Cobra

Poses like cobra invite compassion and love into your life by opening the heart chakra. Let love in by laying on your belly with hands beside your ribcage. Gently lift from the chest as you narrow the hips and press the tailbone down. According to NDTV, the impressive health benefits of this simple pose, open the heart and lungs, could increase circulation, and help relieve stress.

Woman doing cobra yoga pose on exercise mat in gym.

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Bring out Your Inner Child With Happy Baby

When you feel playful, bring out your inner child with happy baby pose. Lay on your back. As you breathe out, bring your knees to your belly. Take your thumb, pointer, and middle finger and wrap them around your big toes. Then open knees wider than your torso as you bring them toward your armpits. Flex your feet and gently pull them in the opposite direction as you create resistance with your fingers. Have fun and laugh as you rock around, releasing tension in the legs and lower back. This beginner pose opens the hips and hamstrings, according to Very Well Fit.

Young woman in the happy baby yoga pose.

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Cheer Up With the Wheel Pose

If you’re feeling blue, this pose could  lift your spirits. Although not for beginners, this back-bending pose will get your heart pumping, a natural antidepressant according to Harvard Health Publishing. Lay on your back with knees bent and feet on your mat. Slowly raise your hips (For a modified option, remain here in bridge pose.) Place your hands on the floor beside your head. Then firmly press hands onto the mat as you straighten your arms, guiding the body into a half-wheel shape. 

Man practicing the wheel yoga pose.

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Invite Stability in Extended Warrior

When life feels a little unsteady and out of control, invite stability and safety with this grounding pose. Stand tall in Warrior II, with the right knee bent and arms stretched wide. Bring the right arm down to your leg and you stretch the opposite arm overhead. Repeat on the other side. This pose will energize the legs and hips, to activate the root chakra for stability and grounding, according to Yoga Basics.

Doing the Warrior II pose on the beach.

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Feel Balanced in Dancer’s Pose

When you feel distracted, it’s time to focus. With a challenging dancer’s pose, you’ll build strength as you focus concentration, according to  Mind Body Green. Stand tall in mountain pose. Step your right foot back. Pick up the back of your right foot with your right hand as you extend backward. Lift your left arm as you tilt the body forward. Repeat on the opposite side. Remember that building balance takes time and practice. Do your best and give yourself time to feel more comfortable in this pose.

Man performing the dancers yoga pose.

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