5 Hacks For Living Your Best Life!

Try these simple tips to bring goodness to everything you do.

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Goodnet strives to cover the multiple ways of doing good in our lives – from compassion for our fellow humans to caring about the finite resources of our shared environment, and how to nurture our own personal growth through mindful living. It’s all good – whether it’s a unique endeavor by inspired individuals giving back, or commendable action from trailblazing businesses.

This grounded optimism and can-do approach fueled by holding on to goodness as an ambition, is beneficial as well as vital. This is because we’re constantly reminded of global crises, finding ourselves wondering how to be good to ourselves and to others.

Some of us may have a complicated relationship with what it means to be good. This is because the words “good” and “goodness” have sometimes been associated with obedience. So it can help to reframe and widen this understanding to take in lovingkindness, and generosity of spirit and action, with community being a key ingredient in the mix.

And we know that doing good is ongoing  ΜΆ  a lifelong process. As Greek poet, Constantine Cavafy reminded us in his famous poem Ithaka, the journey is as important as the destination. Here, in no particular order, are five tips to get you going on your goodness journey!

1. Be kind!

Kindness is the oxygen of goodness. It may need words and action, or it may call for silence or restraint. Being a good person means we are working towards an ideal world where the dignity of all humans, all life, is respected.

Random acts of kindness are unpremeditated actions intended to offer kindness to the outside world. These have captured the world’s attention after Anne Herbert scribbled this phrase on a placemat in California back in 1982. People have been inspired to share spontaneous acts of kindness ever since.

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2. Engage!

Tired of the influx of less-than-positive news? Do something about it! Goodness is action! It’s being considerate, honest and respectful.  Cultivate a sense of optimism in life and feel gratitude about the good things. There’s little use in complaining about people and the situations and jobs that make you feel miserable. Work to find a way to change it. Science even shows we may be hardwired to be good!

Here’s a date for your diary! Good Deeds Day is happening at the end of March! In 2019, almost four million volunteers took part in 108 countries on the 14th year of this event celebrated worldwide. 

We hope you’re inspired by the heartwarming efforts to go and plan your best ever fest of good turns, big or small, something you do with friends or on your own.

3. Feel accountable

Social responsibility is the basis for engagement. We are drip-fed images of people less fortunate than ourselves. What are we meant to do? Some high-profile celebs and other public figures, theologians and journalists share their conviction that we must constantly ask this question and strive to answer it individually and together. The deepest moral values calling us to seek love, truth, justice and concern for others can guide our actions.

It can help to scale issues down to size. It may be overwhelming to consider solutions to poverty or global warming. But try thinking about your own carbon footprint when you take public transportation rather than drive, or recycle household items, for instance. Or perhaps consider how you can help one person in poverty, or try buying gifts from a non-profit that benefits low income families, to feel that you’re having an effect.

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4. Pay attention to the moment

Integral to the Buddhist tradition is learning how to stop and return to the present moment and enjoy your breathing. We pause to understand what is happening within and around us. We develop an awareness of our thoughts and feelings and whether our body is tense or relaxed. Doing this on repeat allows us to better see and understand ourselves and choose to do particular things over others.

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5. Buy with purpose 

Let your ethical concerns about labor conditions, fair trade and environmental protection influence the brands you choose to buy. Think of yourself as a citizen rather than just a consumer and vote with your wallet!

Ensure that whoever you buy from takes responsibility for the whole lifecycle of their product. This conscious shopping can extend to investments too. Consider green bonds with a community focus.

Less is more! Buy just what you need, and quality things so you keep your stuff for longer.

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