The Inspiration You Need to Do A World of Good in 2020!

Here’s the good news on a global wave of altruism.


(Courtesy of Good Deeds Day)

Heard of “Helper’s High”? This refers to the enriching feeling people acting for the benefit of others experience, and it’s backed up by research. With this bonus “gift” in mind, it’s the perfect time to recall some of the highlights of Good Deeds Day 2019. We hope you’re inspired by these heartwarming efforts to go and plan your best ever fest of good turns for Good Deeds Day 2020.

In 2019, Close to 4 million volunteers took part in 23,000 projects in 108 countries on the 14th year of this worldwide event. Each and every event was fueled by people who are part of a growing global community of citizens moved to better our world.

Which countries were first-time Good Deeds Day participants in 2019?

Bringing the total of participating African countries to 23, Angola joined Good Deeds Day with multiple events in Luanda, the country’s capital. Happenings included a huge cleanup effort in the heart of a residential area with almost 300 volunteers.

Good Deeds Day Belarus saw 16 separate projects that included concerts for seniors and even a flash mob thanks to the commitment of 20+ organizations and over 150 volunteers.
In Guyana, almost 30 local NGOs highlighted interesting opportunities at a dedicated volunteering fair.

In 2019, Dominica became the latest Carribean country to join Good Deeds Day with drives that took in the transformation of a  schoolyard with gorgeous, recycled plant potters.
Other countries making their debut on Good Deeds Day were Afghanistan, Chad,Guyana, Ivory Coast and Montenegro.

(Courtesy of Good Deeds Day)

More innovative 2019 Good Deeds Day highlights

Good Deeds Day participants took on unusual challenges in their efforts for Good Deeds Day. Here are some of the more unusual highlights:
In Pakistan, Salma, an activist promoting kitchen gardening, shared tips learnt from the success of her own backyard garden. Spreading awareness on the importance of fresh produce and sustainability to people in her neighborhood, she led volunteers in launching a community garden within a local park.

In Manilla, 200 children from orphanages were treated to a fun-filled day offering games, magicians, and delish food. Remarkably, returning volunteer, Mai Mislang, actively recruited her friends and their children to help out, because she wanted kids to learn the benefits of volunteering.

In Cambodia, volunteers talked about greener everyday habits with passing members of the community, and worked to disappear piles of roadside trash.

Passers by were invited to pose for a picture in heart-shaped frames in Florida  as a first step to opening dialogues and building acceptance by Florida Trans Proud.100 care packages were also distributed to the homeless and low income families.

Staging multiple GGD events in 15 local cities, the Volunteer Center of Montenegro led 450 volunteers in a plethora of activities including mural painting to beautify public areas.GDD Malawi concluded local activities with a giant concert for over 2,000 people featuring local musician Ben Michael Mankhamba and Israeli singer Gilad Segev.

(Courtesy of Good Deeds Day)

Inspired to be a part of Good Deeds Day 2020?

The good deed you choose to do can be large or small, something you do with friends, on your own, or you can join an existing communal project.

Anything from giving computer lessons to seniors to helping customers pack their groceries at the supermarket checkout, is a good deed. Looking for more creative ideas? Check these out.

Registration is easy. Pick a project and let us know how you’ll be taking  part in the global day of doing good here. You can register as an individual, as a group, or as a company or organization.

(Courtesy of Good Deeds Day)