5 Innovative Projects That Make Use of Shared Resources

Our society is making moves back to a sharing economy and it’s beautiful!


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Historically, communities have been sharing resources and knowledge for thousands of years. Although industrialization might have pushed people away from that for the past hundred years, nature has been taking its course, and individuals are once again coming together to share resources, skills, and labor in what is called the sharing economy. 

The internet has assisted this revolution significantly since now people who have spare resources and people who need them can connect faster and easier than ever.

So take for example cars, bedrooms, and clothing, which we often don’t use 100% of the time- through collaborative consumption (as this new economy is sometimes called) we can expand our reach onto a peer-to-peer network – making these goods accessible and useful.  Especially as Uber, Airbnb, and Rent the Runway have become extremely popular and profitable companies, more people and industries are getting involved. 

Check out a list below of some innovative projects that are tapping into the power of collaboration and sharing. 

  1. Olio

Over 2 million portions of food have been shared through this fun new app. Food waste happens everywhere, all the time; using this app, individuals with too much food can link up to share with others. Everybody wins, including the environment! 

  1. Beam

The crowdfunding site Beam provides critical resources for the homeless and helps them to get out of the cycle of poverty. By crowdfunding donations, connecting with other organizations, and tapping into a network, Beam provides temporary housing, caseworkers, job training and career development. Once members are stable, they then provide mentorship, donations, and other resources back into the organization. 

  1. Active Voice

This creative company builds an ecosystem of media producers, funders, and viewers connecting them to achieve the most successful projects. As their website states “Active Voice Lab believes that significant social change becomes possible when policy experts, philanthropists, researchers, organizers, social entrepreneurs, and “creatives” work together toward common objectives for a better world.”

  1. American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)

By convening professionals and advocates of wind energy, AWEA makes wind energy more accessible than ever. With hundreds of member organization and thousands of wind advocates, AWEA promotes and accelerates wind energy throughout the US.  

  1. Link Coworking

Coworking spaces, such as Link, are also part of the sharing economy since they provide common spaces where individuals can share resources, such as utilities, office supplies, and kitchenettes for example. Freelancers, solopreneurs, and others can use these collective goods at a lower price then renting out their own space and supplies making it a profitable and comfortable option for many.

From book shares to bike shares, collective consumption has something for everyone! By thinking collaboratively about ownership, we can minimize our impact on the environment while also saving money and time. Let us know about a sharing platform or product that you love in the comments below!

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