5 Mindful Acts of Kindness for Thanksgiving

These small gestures help keep the ‘thanks’ in the holiday.

An autumnal red maple leaf with a heart cut out of it, a symbol of love and caring for Thanksgiving.

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Thanksgiving is in the air and families are digging out treasured recipes and getting ready for the holiday. Aside from traditions that symbolize unity, another important aspect of Thanksgiving is gratitude. Doing one simple act of kindness this Thanksgiving may bring light in a stranger’s life. 

Your act does not have to be a big event as the smallest act of kindness may mean a lot to someone else. You can also involve the whole family in your good deed so when you all sit around the table, you will know that you have made a difference to someone else's life. And for this, everyone can be thankful. Here are five simple and mindful acts of kindness.

Give out thank you cards

This is a great way to capture the essence of Thanksgiving. You can give your cards to those who help you all year in your community, but who may not receive proper thanks. This includes garbage collectors, mail and newspaper carriers, delivery people, school caretakers, and those working at the local grocery store.

You can involve your children in this kind act by asking them to help craft and deliver the cards. Or, you can download and print free printable cards online.

A young child is making a thank you card.

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Rake leaves for seniors

One sure fact about Thanksgiving is that it is a time of falling leaves! Autumn leaves may be beautiful to enjoy and play in, but what about raking up those leaves?

As many seniors cannot physically do this kind of garden work, how about lending a hand before Thanksgiving? This wonderful idea, inspired by iHomeschool Network, can involve the whole family. Find a few senior neighbors and grab a rake or two.

Just last week, State University of New York student athletes wanted to give back to the community and did yard work, as reported in the Suny Oswego newsletter. This is a healthy, fun outdoor activity that is great for the family and most welcomed by seniors.

A young boy helping rake up leaves with his family is holding up a crimson maple leaf.

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Donate art supplies to hospitalized children

If you have extra coloring books and crayons, you can bring them to the local hospital and help make children happy. Or, donate to The Crayon Initiative where one pack of crayons draws a thousand smiles!

If you have stickers, pens, and stamps on hand, be creative and design cards for hospitals with your own children right at home. Include an uplifting message and sign it, as organized by Cards For Hospitalized Kids.

Using colorful paper to make a card.

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Bake cookies

If you are already baking for Thanksgiving, hand out the treats to the neighborhood, as suggested by Mindy Jones Blog. Double or triple your favorite cookie or cupcake recipe and deliver freshly baked goods to the police and fire stations, plus to neighbors on all sides. There is no better way to express appreciation and hand out sweetness!

A basket of homemade cookies.

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Leave quarters in coin-operated kiddie rides

When you do this mindful act of kindness, you could surprise a child and make a parent very happy! Children are constantly opening those slots hoping to find quarters. Imagine that child who always begs his parents for money to ride the grocery store’s horse or rocket ship, and then actually finds a shiny quarter or two in the slot?

You may just want to hide behind a cashier and wait for that lucky jackpot moment as a child rides to the moon! As suggested by One Life Can, this is an easy act that creates a great surprise.

A young boy is riding in a coin-operated car.

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