Superheroes Offer Joy and Hope to Kids in Hospital

In Vienna, a surprise visit brings smiles to many faces.


A young boy wearing a superhero mask and cape flexes his muscles and feels strong.

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Children at a hospital in Vienna recently enjoyed a wonderful surprise right outside their windows. Famous superheroes scaled the building, arriving at the children’s windows to deliver warm hellos and smiles along with some impressive superhero muscle flexing.

It was a gift of love delivered from caped heroes on the outside to those young and isolated “heroes” who are inside hospital rooms. This special event happened at the St. Anna hospital on Monday, February 15 to coincide with International Childhood Cancer Day,  according to The Jerusalem Post.

Members of WEGA, Austria’s special police force, dressed up as five much loved superheroes for the occasion, infusing their strength, athleticism, and kindness into this most giving act. Superman, Batman, Thor, Iron Man, and Spider-Man joined forces outside the hospital for a most special team mission.

They rappelled down from the roof in true superhero style, and stopped at each child’s window, surprising each patient, eliciting awe, laughter, and a thrill. True to their fictional characters, Spider-Man crept down backwards, while Thor proudly displayed his mighty and enchanted hammer.

This was especially meaningful as many of the children behind those windows are terminally ill and have little interaction with the outside world, especially during times of lockdown. Straight from the pages of a comic book, Superman’s outlook came to life. In inspiring words written by Grant Morrison in the comic book, the superhero says, “You are much stronger than you think you are. Trust me.”

Receiving a special visit from a superhero can ignite a child’s imagination and offer incredible excitement and delight. It adds a depth of fun and playfulness to their world and can help them to dream big.

Below the hospital windows, a brass band played the classic superhero tunes, while other patients and nurses gathered outside to witness the spectacle, as reported on Times Now News. After the Superheroes touched ground, there was time for some photos outside with the dynamic superheroes.

On this very important mission to fight loneliness, these caped superheroes offered incredible emotional support. Along with tears of joy, the event received much publicity around the world, building more awareness of cancer care for children and teens.

As Spider-Man author Stan Lee wrote, “With great power comes great responsibility.” This famous Peter Parker principle was enacted on a wintry day in Vienna, warming hearts around the world.

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