5 Practical Uses for the World’s Favorite Building Bricks

Make the best DIY creations on the block!


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LEGO is not just for kids! Adults have jumped onto the LEGO trend, inventing practical uses for these colorful building blocks. Recycle your pieces and enjoy creating simple innovations to uplift your home.

Since 1949, when the Danish company produced the first LEGO children have been building LEGO worlds, while playing architect and engineer, according to Lifehack. This was such a popular activity, some 560 billion pieces of LEGO have been made since then.

Even the word LEGO intones happiness. It originates from the Danish words leg godt, meaning “play well.” Adults are invited to let go with LEGO. Connect with your inner child and play well as you create these fun and practical masterpieces for your home. Your kids will be impressed!

Key holder

This simple hack from Mike Shouts is perfect for those who always lose their keys! Start with a wide LEGO baseplate and attach it to the wall. Use a LEGO brick with and connect it to the baseboard, then attach a LEGO brick to the end of your key ring. 

You can have fun with this by choosing your favorite LEGO hero. When you come home, click your key onto the board. And once everyone has returned at the end of the day, the key holder will be a congregation of colorful LEGO figures!

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Cell phone stand

There have been many variations on this theme with well-constructed versions found on the internet. This cell phone stand from Sprouting Kitchen is built with a LEGO brick that lights up so you can read from your phone at night. It even has the ability to tilt!

LEGO wall clock

Here is your opportunity to use all of your family’s favorite LEGO friends and superheroes, or at least 12 of them! You can buy a basic clock motor at a craft store, as recommended by Instructables. Drill a hole in the center of the baseplate for the motor. You can attach your own LEGO minute and hour hands. The rest is up to your imagination!

If you are very handy and want to take this to the next level, build your own grandfather complete with a swinging pendulum, as seen in this YouTube video.

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Here is a practical use of LEGO blocks that is easy and will tap into the imagination and enliven your bookcase. Make sure you have two flat sides to hold up books, then build out and up. Check out Mike Shouts for more details and let your imagination run wild.

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Gift box

It is so much fun to receive a gift in a box that you can upcycle and reuse as well as play with! Holiday season is not too far off, and with some forward planning, you can build colorful boxes to place your gifts in complete lids and with LEGO bows! Mike Shouts suggests using baseplates for the top and bottom and integrating as many colors as you can. These will literally be the best gifts on the block!

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