5 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Protein

Consuming protein is essential for maintaining an active lifestyle.

5 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Protein | Consuming protein is essential for maintaining an active lifestyle.

Eating a lot of protein is not a new trend, its been popular for a while, but diets that consist of eating large amounts of protein and not much else are not good for you. Your body needs vegetables, fruits, and grains too.

On the flip side, not eating enough protein is also problematic, according to a blog from Care Hospitals. That’s because proteins are biomolecules that are made up of amino acids, organic compounds, that are necessary for the maintenance and growth of your body’s cells.

People need both essential and non-essential amino acids but your body can only synthesize non-essential ones. You must eat foods that contain protein to get all that you need.

So how much protein do you really need to eat to feel your best? The answer is not that simple. Protein consumption depends on how much you weigh and your gender. But a general rule is 0.83 grams per kilogram. That would amount to 58 grams a protein for a 70-kilogram person or roughly a large chicken dinner. Athletes who are building muscle mass need even more.

The most common sources of protein are from animals and include meat, eggs and fish. But there are also plant-based proteins in seeds, nuts, legumes, tofu, and vegetables.

Here are five reasons why eating more protein is good for your health and for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle from your youth into your old age.

Increases muscle mass and strength
Eating protein helps you maintain your muscle mass and helps you to develop more, according to Healthline. This is very important for athletes, especially bodybuilders and weightlifters. There is no need to take supplements or use protein powders if you are eating enough protein-rich foods.

Helps You Recover from injuries
Protein could help your body heal faster after an injury. That’s because proteins are the building blocks of your tissue and organs. A study, published in the journal Nutrition in Clinical Practice, showed that eating more protein after a traumatic injury can help people recover faster.

Improves bone health
Your body needs nutrients to function properly and protein is necessary for your bone health, according to Medicine Net. If your bones are healthy and strong, you can prevent bone breakage and osteoporosis; a disease that causes brittle and weak bones. Pair your protein with vitamin D and calcium for optimum bone health.

Helps to reduce blood pressure
If you suffer from high blood pressure, adding more protein to your diet could help reduce it. Since high blood pressure is a risk for heart attacks, strokes, and renal disease, this could be a life saver. Eating more lean protein – like fish, chicken, and lentils – could also reduce your cholesterol  and triglycerides.

Helps You stay fit as you age
People lose muscle mass and bone density as they age. That’s where eating protein comes in.  Protein is necessary for those as well as for your immune system, metabolism, and brain function. Seniors who do not eat enough protein could experience weight loss, lower energy levels, and reduced strength.

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