5 Simple Ways to Help You Feel More Brave

Brave that new challenge


Choosing bravery over comfort is when you accomplish things you never thought you could do (Shutterstock)

Choosing bravery over comfort is when you accomplish things you never thought you could do (alis yimyen /Shutterstock.com)

Having courage isn’t easy. It’s difficult to stand up for yourself or explore something you’ve always wanted to try. While mustering the courage to try new things can be scary and filled with uncertainty, it’s also fulfilling, a great way to experience personal growth, and an important factor for living a happy life. Choosing bravery over comfort is when you accomplish things you never thought you could do. Real talk: it’s only after bravery that the magic happens. When you need a boost, try these five simple ways you can feel more brave.


The fear of doing or saying whatever it is you’ve been wanting to do isn’t there by accident. It means you’re onto something big. Embrace it, see your emotions for what they are and then make a conscious decision to face your fears. Being brave begins with one step; decide to overcome what’s holding you back and say yes to the challenge.


Spend a day on your own doing things you wouldn’t normally do solo. Visit a museum by yourself. Sit down for a meal and enjoy your own company. Go to the beach on your own. Make an effort to try something new and challenge yourself to feel satisfied with spending quality time with yourself. This will boost your confidence and will inspire you the next time you need a reminder for how strong you really are.


Many times, it’s both your own opinion and the opinion’s of others that holds you back, no matter how well meaning the person. Respect their advice and then do what feels right for you and don’t second guess yourself. Really listening to yourself and focusing on what the best actions are for you is a powerful step towards courage.


Yes, this can seem uncomfortable at first. You’re waiting in a long line for a coffee, or riding in an elevator with someone up to the 9th floor. Don’t ignore them. Look them in the eye, smile, and say hello. It’s a small gesture with very little risk, and the more you do it, the easier it becomes. You never know who you’ll meet waiting in line or riding to the top floor, so tap into your bravery and allow yourself the opportunity to brighten your day.


Use your fearless friend who is always challenging herself as inspiration or find a role model whose bravery you admire. They’ll remind you to channel that inner strength and go for it (whatever that it may be). Get into the mindset of “what would (insert person you admire here) do, or how would (insert person you admire here) handle this?