The Doll That Encourages Young Girls to Be Themselves

“Be brave, be bold, BE YOU!”


Girls holding lottie dolls

(Yuganov Konstantin/

When Lucie Follett noticed a need for more wholesome, alternative Barbie dolls, she decided to design a doll that children could relate to. She wanted something age-appropriate, with realistic and child-like body proportions – something that a child could hold in their hands and say “this looks just like me.”

That’s why the Lottie Doll looks, well, just like a typical nine-year-old girl. She doesn’t wear makeup, high heels or jewellery, she’s ethnically diverse with tactile hair and clothes, and she can stand on her own two feet. Lottie is feisty. She occasionally makes mistakes. She loves adventure and the outdoors. She has a wild imagination - just like a real child. Even her clothes are made to get dirty.

As Lottie’s Co-Founder and Creative Director, Follett’s main goal is to empower children to be themselves. After hearing from parents who were concerned about their kids growing up too fast, Follett realized that kids need a role model who can teach them to embrace their childhood - role models like Anne of Green Gables, Pippi Longstocking and Nancy Drew.

As the Lottie Doll collection continues to expand – adding new dolls like Stargazer Lottie, Autumn Leaves Lottie, and Pirate Queen Lottie – the company’s core values remain the same. Kids should be kids.

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