5 Skincare Tips for Fall

As the days get colder, these pointers can keep skin healthy and protected



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Cooler days are ahead, and as temperatures drop, it is an ideal time for people to adjust their skincare routine to fit the season. During the summer months, skin is exposed to the strong rays of the sun, and can get dry and dehydrated from the heat. But as the weather changes, people need to brace themselves for the potentially damaging effects of wind and cold air. Here are five tips on how people can care for their skin and protect it from the chilly outdoors.

It’s time to up the antioxidants

Antioxidants help protect skin from chemical reactions that damage skin cells, explains Dermstore. They prevent sun-damage, correct signs of aging, brighten skin tone and even help skin repair itself. Because of the numerous benefits, antioxidants can be found in many skincare products, which can include vitamin c, vitamin e, and resveratrol, which are high in antioxidants.

The almost magical benefits of antioxidants are readily available in many forms. The Mind Body Green platform reports that there are lots of foods high in antioxidants, including honey, blueberries, kale, pumpkin, apples, pomegranates, grapes, and chia seeds. The internet is full of DIY options of how to make use of these natural ingredients to promote skin health. 

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Careful with dry air

Keeping skin out of the harsh cold is a great idea. But Florida plastic surgeon and facial skincare expert Dr Edward Farroir explained on his Farrior Facial Plastic Surgery website that it’s important to remember that artificial indoor heat can have damaging effects on skin too. To combat this issue, he recommends purchasing a small humidifier to keep in the bedroom to help keep the air from becoming super dry.

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Don’t put away the SPF

Although the sun is not as strong during the fall and winter months SPF and sunscreen should be worn year round. In fact, according to Skincare.com medical professionals recommend that sun protection be part of everyone's skin care routine during the entire year, regardless of skin type. The only difference during the colder months is that sunscreen does not have to be reapplied as often as during the warmer months. Some moisturizers include SPF in their formula, which can be a great option for those who have trouble remembering to put on sunscreen before leaving the house.

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Beware of steamy hot showers

There is nothing like a warm bath or steamy hot shower before getting into cozy pajamas at the end of a long and cold day. But as amazing as that sounds, it might not be the best thing for skin. The hotter the water, explains Farrior, the more skin will dry out. The best thing to do is to avoid extremely hot water and to moisturize skin right after showers and baths

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Lips need care too

Chapped and cracked lips are pretty common as soon as the weather starts cooling down.  The Good Face Project recommends keeping lip balm on hand and applying as needed throughout the day. Some natural remedies to avoid chapped lips include using coconut oil, honey and aloe vera, according to Healthline
And don't forget to keep drinking water throughout the day. Hydration occurs from the inside out, explains Vogue, and it is vital to keep drinking throughout the cooler months as well.

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