7 Vegan Body Lotions to Try This Winter

Moisturize with natural plant-based and mineral ingredients.


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Vegan body lotion to moisturize your skin.

Taking care of your skin is essential in the cold weather months. The colder temperatures and heated indoors can dry out your skin and make moisturizing a must.

There are a myriad of natural skin care products that contain organic plant-based and mineral ingredients but it doesn’t necessarily mean that these products can be used by vegans. While many people think that this lifestyle is just about eating plant-based foods, it’s also about not using or wearing any products that are derived from animals including beeswax, lanolin, honey, and pearl powder, according to mindbodygreen.

Today, with the growing popularity of veganism, it is easier to find body lotions and other skin care products that are safe for vegans to use but not all are labeled. Rather than constantly scanning ingredients, check out these seven vegan body lotions that will keep your skin hydrated and healthy all winter long.

Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Organic Hand & Body Lotion

Nourish and moisturize your skin with this organic lotion from Dr. Bonners that contains peppermint, jojoba oil to heal skin, coconut oil to moisturize, avocado oil, and other natural organic and fair-trade ingredients. It is gentle enough to be used anywhere including faces and just a little bit goes a long way. Other skin care products include castile soap, coconut oil, hand sanitizers, and much more

Dr. Bronner’s lotions and soaps are good for winter skin care.

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Perfect Zen Body Lotion by Ursa Major

You can indulge your skin this winter with a lighter body lotion that combines healing aloe vera with botanical oils like sunflower seed, meadowfoam seed and rosemary extract. Ursa Major’s body lotions are infused with the  soothing scents of sweet orange, bergamot, and cedar. There are no petrochemicals, parabens, or synthetic fragrances and the products are cruelty free.

Jason’s Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion

If you have extremely dry skin then this lotion from Jason is a great choice for you. It's non-greasy and will gently relieve irritated skin and give long-lasting hydration with a blend of cocoa butter, sunflower oil, and chamomile. This hand and body lotion is certified organic and is never tested on animals.

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Postbiotic Body Lotion from mindbodygreen

This body lotion contains a hydrating base that blends shea butter, aloe vera, coconut oil, oat oil, and moringa oil as well as a  pre- and postbiotic combo that nurtures your skin microbiome and helps to soothe inflammation according to mindbodygreen. The lotion is vegan and cruelty free.

ACURE’s Everyday Eczema Lotion

This unscented body lotion from ACCURE uses colloidal oatmeal to sooth and protect very dry skin that is prone to eczema. Use liberally as needed to help prevent and protect against chafed and cracked skin. The formula is free of paraben, petrolatum, formaldehyde, and mineral oil. It is 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free.

Mineral Body Lotion from AHAVA

This mineral body lotion from the Dead Sea company AHAVA is unscented and suitable to use on your entire family. The non-greasy formula is quickly absorbed and brings essential nutrients and hydrators into your skin to relieve dryness. The lotion is made with dead sea water, aloe leaf juice, witch hazel flower extract, and propandel.

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