5 Smart Bathroom Hacks

Choose natural products, LED lighting and other earth-friendly ways to spruce up your bathroom style.


An eco-friendly bathroom with toothbrushes and DIY beauty products.

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As the world becomes more eco-friendly, people switch to reusable food containers, avoid plastic straws, and use glass water bottles. This helps the world move in a brighter direction with less waste, cleaner oceans, and more trees. Another exciting move towards environmental consciousness involves taking steps to becoming zero waste. 

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this idea is more than just recycling when a product is no longer useful. Zero waste actually utilizes the product’s full life cycle. Through this initiative, natural resources will be better conserved and damage to the environment will be minimized.

When people think of zero waste, they typically imagine it applying to the kitchen, shopping, or reducing heating or air conditioning consumption. One room that may be overlooked in becoming zero waste is the bathroom. Here are five ways to implement simple zero waste changes in the bathroom that can lead to a better future. 

Change your lighting

This idea can be utilized throughout your whole home, but you can start with the lights in the bathroom. Switching from traditional lights to LED light bulbs uses 75 percent less energy, according to Live Kindly.

When choosing LED lights, look for bulbs that are 3,000 Kelvin, otherwise known as “warm white,” which emit the best glow.

Looking for bathroom decor ideas that are eco-friendly? One cost-free change you can make is to install your lights at a sconce height, 60 - 72 inches from the floor (152 - 177 centimeters). This reduces the amount of shadow when looking at yourself in the mirror.

Bathroom decor ideas include installing energy-saving LED lighting in the bathroom.

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Reduce water consumption

Another idea from Live Kindly, is to invest in low-flow toilets and low-flow faucets. These easy swaps help save water and can be found in many home improvement stores. One drip of water per second amounts to 1,661 gallons of water per year, according to Energy.Gov! This unnecessary waste can be fixed with a bit of planning.

You can also switch to a low-flow showerhead certified by the EPA with a WaterSense label, as suggested by Live Kindly. This special certification means that the shower only sprays out two gallons of water per minute. This totals half a gallon less than a regular showerhead. 

A woman checks the water flow on her reduced, low-flow shower faucet.

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Invest in recycled toilet paper

Although toilet paper may be overlooked, it impacts trees, plumbing, and overall energy consumption. Statista found that in 2018, the US was leading the world in toilet paper consumption. Sustainable Jungle that you look for toilet paper made out of bamboo, use recycled toilet paper, or purchase a bidet.

Rolls of bamboo recycled toilet paper make a great choice for helping the environment.

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Switch to a bamboo toothbrush

Around one billion plastic toothbrushes in the US are thrown away each year, according to FOREO. This leads to pollution in the water, landfills, and in the environment in general. Make the switch to bamboo instead. Many companies produce bamboo toothbrushes. Check out The Strategist to learn about the best bamboo toothbrushes recommended by dentists.  

If you are looking for natural bathroom decor ideas, bamboo toothbrushes look great and help the environment.

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Create your own lotion

In addition to toothbrushes, over 90 percent of plastics are not recycled, according to Greenpeace. You can easily limit the plastic bottles in your bathroom by making your own beauty products. You can learn how to make your own lotion and body butter with natural products found in any health food store on Going Zero Waste. Store your DIY creations in glass or reusable jars.

Homemade soaps and beauty products in reusable jars are a natural choice and make for ideal bathroom decor ideas.

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