5 Smartphone Hacks That Can Boost Productivity

Phones can help people get things done!

Young woman using her smartphone to boost productivity.

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Almost six and a half billion people in the world own a smartphone, and chances are you are one of them. Using your device’s standard features is convenient, however, there is so much more you can do with your phone. With a few tricks, you may even transform it into a tool that boosts your productivity and success. 

To do this, you’ll have to be aware of your mindset. If you view your phone as an aid in your journey towards a more focused and productive lifestyle, then it can become just that. Read on for five hacks that can transform your phone from a time wasting machine to the key to a new you.

Set your home screen up for success

The apps on your home screen occupy your phone's most valuable real estate. The Great Work Life blog therefore recommends you use that space strategically and place the most frequented and important apps there, which will save you search time. Also, when you look at the home screen you’ll be encouraged to get things done. 

It’s also refreshing to see an uncluttered and clean home screen and this can do wonders for feeling calm and less overwhelmed.  Similar apps can be categorized in folders, and you can download widgets for the info that need quick access, such as the weather forecast, calendar events or currency exchange rates. 

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Save time with a password manager tool

According to Tech.co, the average person has 100 passwords. That’s definitely too many to remember, especially since password requirements can get complex, requiring numbers, symbols and upper and lower case characters. And when you forget one of those passwords, the process of recovering and resetting it is sometimes even more troublesome than creating a new account from scratch. 

Luckily, there are plenty of tools that save your passwords in a secure way, such as Lastpass, a browser extension that keeps all your passwords in a secure vault. All you need to remember is your master password, and you have access to all the other ones. This is such an effective and efficient tool that some companies require their staff members to use it in order to save time, ensure the safety of their systems and reduce the risk of losing valuable information. 

Take full advantage of your camera

Remember when cameras started to be a standard phone feature? The joy of not having to bring another gadget along on trips and important events was a huge plus, especially as image quality keeps getting better. And there are many ways to get more mileage out of your phone’s camera that can really make your life easier. 

For example, instead of writing a list, snap a picture of your pantry and fridge before going to the store. You’ll never forget milk again! You can also take a picture of your parked car so you don't spend extra time looking for it in the lot, as well as photographing store signs with information like opening hours.

Other reasons to use the camera feature are for scanning apps which work as well if not better than an actual scanner, taking pictures of important documents or receipts that you might lose, and to take a screenshot of an important email or message you don’t want to have to search for later.

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Turn off your notifications

This one is a hard one. Notifications are so fun to receive, each ding and buzz creating a dopamine rush for many. Which is why, explains Optimize Yourself,  they destroy productivity. If you want to get into and stay in a state of creativity, staying focused and accomplishing meaningful work, you might want to let those notifications go. 

Studies quoted in Fast Company show that it can take over 23 minutes to get back on track after being interrupted and distracted by a notification. This is probably why Focus Mode on Apple devices, which allows the user to choose when to receive alerts, is so popular. 

Track your screen time

Knowledge is power. Make Use Of, a large online technology publication, recommends knowing how much time you spend on specific apps on your smartphone. By tracking your screen time, you can get insights into which apps you use the most. That way you can make choices that help boost your productivity accordingly.

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